The 5 Rising Elemental Gods Of The East




A beautiful countryside, set ablaze by violent fires. Men women and children are running and screaming for safety.


“ Aish did you have to make the fire so large?” said Shindong.


“I want to leave no reminders of this pathetic disgusting place.” Said Henry


Karam walks over to Henry and wraps his arms around him.


“My love let’s go home, I want to rest.” Karam said sweetly.


“Yah, get off me now, I told you never to disrupt me when I am working. Who do you think gets you all those expensive things. Aish, pabo!” Henry spat angrily.


Karam lowered his gaze and backed away from him. He felt the tears roll down his eyes.  Kyuhyun grabbed Karam and walked away from the gruesome scene with him.


“He doesn ‘t mean to be so mean Karam-ah, he just is overcome by the powers” KY said sweetly.


“Deh, but it doesn’t make it hurt any less. I just wish he would stop with all of the hurting and killing.” Karam said.


Kyuhyun pulled the smaller boy close as they walked and hummed to him. This made Karam feel safe. Kyuhyun was always the one to clean up the messes when it came to the HenRam couple.


Karam kissed Kyuhyuns’ cheek and went into the home the 6 of them shared.  Ky smiled and went to his own part of the house.


Little did they know they were being watched? Though, it was nothing but a harmless friendship. It angered Henry to the most extreme. He balled up his fists and clenched onto a tree.


“Brothers we have something else to do grab the horses and come with me” He snarled.


The four of them rode off for a small town. As they entered people ran inside in pure fear of them. They laughed evilly.


Zhou Mi, jumped off his horse and grabbed a pretty girl right off the street and dragged her into a small dark pathway.


He her repeatedly, the whole time a smile upon his face.    He didn’t care he would erase it from her mind anyways.


“SHUT UP , ONLY THING YOU NEED TO SCREAM IS MORE!!!!” He spat in her face.


Henry, Kibum and Shindong went to a small house, very cute and dismounted their horses. Henry walked inside and grinned at the couple sitting on the floor. There was also 2 small children sitting with them.


“You, why have you come?” The man said fearfully.


He only grinned as he nodded to Kibum who took the two children and tied them to a chair. The woman screamed and Shindong punched her hard in the face.


“I will say this to you, This is to make sure your son knows he belongs to only me!” Henry said.


He walked up to the man’s wife and kissed her. He bit her lip so hard it was gushing blood. He his own lip and spit the blood onto the man’s face.


“You took our Karam what more do we have to give?” The husband said angrily.


The three exited the home and Henry turned his eyes became red. His hands turned a bright red flame. The house within minutes was completely engulfed in flames the cries of the people inside becoming less and less.


Zhou Mi arrived and pouted.


“Dammit you guys could you have saved me some fun” He grinned.


“You had your fun it seems brother” Kibum said giggling.


“Bah, she was just too screamy for me so I ended her” Zhou Mi said wiping the blood from his cheek.


“Wait isn’t that Karams family home?” he asked.


“Well it was, no longer is” Shindong said


The four brothers mounted their horses and headed back to the home they shared. Henry went to his room finding Karam sleeping. He crawled in the bed and pulled him close.


“I am sorry, Karam your parents and brothers are dead, I told you never to cross me and you did. My brother will pay as well” He whispered into the sleeping boys’ ear. Little did Henry know Karam was awake and listening images of his family running through his head, also the times his 3 brothers him, or beat him. And he did nothing but watch. Karam was demolished.


A few weeks later Kyuhyun was honing his skills and He was met with something smashing over his head.


He was knocked out cold. He was awoken by something warm touching his skin.  He opened his eyes and before him was his four brothers, Karam and the gods. He scurried backwards into a wall scared for his life.


His brothers we tied up and held by two guardians each. He heard a booming voice come from the air.


He winced he was sure he was going to be killed at that moment.



“Princes of the Elements. You have damaged the job and nature of your lives. You have pillaged, stole, , murdered among other hateful vengeful things.


“Karam-ah, you have been an unfortunate victim in this as well. Love sometimes makes us not see the truth. And the truth is your parents were shamelessly murdered by the man you love. But for that he will pay.”


Karam fell to his knees and cried horribly. Kyuhyun wanted to go and comfort him but he dared not to.


“Kyuhyun, you son have been the most unfortunate of it all. You have stayed true to the Elements, and didn’t join in the foolishness with your brothers. For this we will not give you the same fate as them.  But the knowledge of it and not stopping them will be your downfall.”


“As for you princes, We have decided you will be stripped of your powers and given mortality. We will place you in a time and space deemed fitting to us. Your brother will keep his immortality and be stripped of his powers as well, as well as his memory of you. He will not remember anything of this life. None of us or you.  We can only hope he can find someone to walk the path with him and free him from the prison he once lived. Karam we will also go easy on you. You will be placed in a space and time to start a new if after 40 years you do not revenge your parents and siblings in the said space and time, you will be carried into another host to continue on. When you complete what we have showed you in your head. You will be given a fresh mortal life and the memories of this past life will be gone.”


A loud crack and flash lit up the entire room……….










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