New Plan

The 5 Rising Elemental Gods Of The East


After Heechul called the rest of the guardians, they all decided they needed to eat. Karam was still visibly shaken. Jaejoong walked over to him and hugged him tightly.


“Karam we forgive you, but we need to trust you will be able to help us deh?” He said soothingly.


Karam didn’t realize it but he was being tested with that hug. Jae nodded to the others giving them a signal that the boy was truly on their side.


Yuhno on the other hand knew he had to do something. He grabbed Changmins wrist and brought him outside.


“Min, talk to me” He said softly sitting down.


Changmin felt his eyes begin to fill up. He put his face into his hands. He couldn’t figure out how Yuhno knew he needed a good cry.


“I miss him so much. I am scared for the baby, I am scared I will never hold him in my arms again. I am Shim God Damned Changmin, I am not supposed to be this weak Appa, it hurts to breathe.” Changmin sobbed.


Yuhno just grabbed him and held him tightly. He knew crying would make it feel a bit better even if it was for a second.


Changmin soaked Yuhno’s shirt with his tears. He was clenching Yuhnos shirt very tightly. Yuhno fought back his own tears for a bit before losing the battle. Seeing his Min hurting killed him.   He gently rubbed circles in his back shushing him softly.


“Shhhh it’s ok Min, you will be able to hold him soon, and then it’s forever. I promise you that” Yuhno smiled through his own tears.


What Yuhno didn’t see was Jae watching them through a window, crying himself. He saw a father consoling his broken son. And though his tears were for pride, but they were also of hurt. Hangeng came over and put his hands on Jae’s shoulders. He jumped a little.


“It’s ok Jae, we will make this right for everyone and for the balance.” He said softly.


“I just don’t want my family hurting Hannie, it’s not right.” He sighed.


“I know Jae but understand something, you were given this life for the purpose of setting it right. The god’s never mess up twice deh?” He smiled.


Your right, Hannie Kamsamnida” He said hugging him softly.


“Besides, your carrying something no one has seen ever. Let’s be ok for them deh?” He touched his belly.


Jae blushed and nodded.




Jae went over and sat with Heechul resting his head against him.


“You have and amazing husband Chullie you know that?” He smiled.


“Deh, I remind myself everyday he is mine, I am honored to be that mans wife” Heechul blushed.


“They are here!” Siwon called, Jae instantly shot up.


“Jae doll relax, your going to give those kids motion sickness.” Heechul chuckled.


“Minhae my little ones Umma is sorry, are you hungry? Uncle Siwonnie made us some yummy food.” Jae cooed to his tummy rubbing his tummy softly.



Heechul smiled and pulled Jae up to the kitchen and helped him make a huge plate.


Yuhno and Changmin came in red eyed and smiling. Jae knew then it would be ok. He walked over to Jae and wrapped his arms around him.


“Hungry my babies?” He cooed in Jae’s ear.


“Mmmm…da..dis…goof…ood” Jae said eating.


“Cute baby, why don’t you come sit while you eat.” Yuhno said helping Jae to the makeshift couch.


“Yah, I need to get our house unpacked, I am sure this stacks of pillows and cushions isn’t feeling good.” Yuhno winced.


“Sof….k…Yuh…n…” Jae said eating.


“Agioo silly eat talk after. Feed our hungry little ones” He smiled kissing Jae’s forehead.


He walked back into the kitchen and greeted the rest of the guardians. He glanced over and realized Changmin wasn’t eating, but just sitting staring off.


He grabbed a plate and filled it with things he knew Changmin loved. He walked it out to Jae.


“Baby Min needs an eating buddy” He smiled.


Jae nodded and winked. Yuhno walked in the kitchen and pulled Changmin to Jaejoong.


“Umma needs his eating pal Min, help him out. I can’t eat that much.” Yuhno giggled handing Min the plate.


“Kamsamnida Appa, Minhae” Min smiled and began to eat the food.


Jae  brushed his hair from his eyes and smiled at his boy.


“Min try the garlic sauce it’s heaven” Jae giggled feeding Changmin.


“Omo it is so good. I will want more of this soon” He mumbled.


“Lets discuss everything in the sitting room.” Siwon said wanting to give the pregnant ones comfort.


After Karam explained himself to everyone. A new plan began to emerge. One that would definitely work.


First they would keep with the Changmin/Karam couple idea.


But Only when they could be seen, behind safe closed doors, they would be friends.


Karam was going to seduce the location of Ky out of Henry. But keep up the guise so that he wouldn’t be hurt himself.


Karam would also find a way to get close to KY. So he could relay information to the boy. The idea of keeping everything secret from KY was no longer worth the risk it gave.


The Princes, would practice their skills for a battle. Though Yuhno and Yoochun put up a fight Jae and Su calmed them down, well Jae did with his mood control. And Assured them they would be ok.


The plan would take time, and patience  along with a lot of trust and love. These things we in ample stock. And they would fight to the death for this cause.


“Good thing both our groups are on hiatus or we’d be screwed!” Eunhyuk laughed.


“I couldn’t perform without Kyuhyun being my second voice” Yesung spat.


“We couldn’t perform with Changmin brokenhearted” Jae said.


“Guys there is something I need to do, will you accompany me please? You too Karam!” Changmin spoke up standing.


They all nodded and followed him to the one place they didn’t think he could handle right now. Heechul and Donghae stayed close to him.


He stood in the doorway, when he went to unlock the door his hand shook terribly. He felt a small hand  graze over his and help him. It was Karam.


“Kamsamnida Karam” he said softly his voice shaken as well.


He entered into his home. His breath was taken away when he saw it was indeed a home. Everyone kept a distance to give him a chance to take it in. Jaejoong grabbed Yuhno’s hand. Heechul took Hannies. Su took Chuns. All the couples joined hands. As if they could give the boy strength this way. Jae looked at Karam and reached out his hand. Karam sniffed back a tear and took it smiling.


Changmin began to wander around the house looking at everything that was a mixture of them both. He stopped suddenly in front of the stairs he gripped the side.


Jae wanted to go hug him but Yuhno held him back.


“He’s fine my love trust him” Yuhno whispered in his ear. Jae nodded and watched.


“Go ahead Min we are right here with you” Yuhno said.


As if it gave him power Changmin walked up the stairs, first to the movie room, then to the game room where he giggled a little at the massive amount of games they have together. He entered the bedroom through the main bathroom and smiled.


“Very Chic” He nodded.


Everyone stayed downstairs. Ready to get to him if need be. But they knew he needed to do this on his own first.


He entered the bedroom and felt his heart pang. He went over to the bed and picked up Ky’s pillow. He inhaled it deeply. A tear rolled down his cheek.


“I miss you so much Ky, if you can hear me please know that I love you and Baby-ah so much” He said softly into the pillow.


He gently laid the pillow back down and looked at the picture on his dresser. It was a photo taken from the Christmas bash. Changmin was standing behind KY with his hands shaping a heart on Ky’s Tummy and Ky kissing his cheek.


He lifted the picture and felt another tear roll down his cheek. He traced Ky’s shape with his finger and gently kissed the glass. Setting it back down.


He took a deep breath and walked to the last room in the house. He knew there was a ton to be done in the room. He put his hand on the handle and it shook violently. He could not face it. He sat down outside the door and sobbed.


“Umma!” he called out.


Jae’s heart nearly shattered when he heard him call. He rushed up the stairs and found his Min sitting on the floor sobbing. Jae kneeled down to him and cradled him tightly.


“Shhhh, Shhhhh Min it’s ok Umma is here. You don’t have to do this to yourself baby.” Jae cried.


“I..*hic* need too *hic* will you help me?” He asked through his crying.


“Of course baby, together deh?” Jae cooed helping Changmin stand.


Changmin took Jae’s hand and sniffed. He didn’t know if he was ready. But he knew he had to face this head on.


Jae opened the door slowly. He squeezed his hand and gently ushered him in. Changmins face was one of great happiness and sadness. Jae never let go of his hand.


“Baby-ah, look you’re Aunties and Uncles did this for you. Appa can ‘t wait till you’re in here my little one” Changmin said still sobbing.


Jaejoong didn’t like using his mood control but he knew in this instant it was needed. For Changmin to see that things will be ok.


“Kamsamnida Umma” He smiled letting go of Jae’s hand walking over to the crib.


He sang a little lullaby as he stood there. Jae felt his tears fall. He walked over putting an arm around Changmin and sang with him.


They both smiled finishing the song. Jae hugged Changmin and they exited the nursery. Jae knew he would be ok.


“Umma I want to stay here tonight in our bed” He smiled softly.


“Of course baby, do you want us to stay with you?” Jae asked.


“I will be ok, Please tell Karam that he can stay as well in the guest room” Changmin said walking towards his bedroom.


“I will baby, do you need anything?” He asked.


“Aniyo, I am just going to go to sleep.” He smiled.


Jae knew it was best. He was proud that Changmin was standing on his own. He was still worried. But he knew truth and Changmin was far from lying.


“Okay baby come I will tuck you in deh” Jae giggled.


Kamsamnida Umma” he blushed.


Jae walked with Changmin to his bedroom, Changmin stripped off his Shirt and pants and climbed into the bed. Jae took the covers and tucked him in sweetly. He kissed his forehead and smiled.


“Sleep peacefully BabyMin deh?” He said softly.


“Deh” Changmin replied.


“Oh and Umma?” he said




“I love you” He said closing his eyes.


Jae choked back tears. That was the first time he heard Changmin say that so sweetly and so genuinely to him.


“and Appa too” Changmin said falling asleep so it was barely audible.


Jae wiped his eyes and quietly shut the door. He headed downstairs where Yuhno was waiting on the last step.


“Everything ok? You kinda shut me out of your head there beautiful” He asked.


“Deh, it will be. Changmin is now sleeping peacefully in his own bed.” Jae said smiling.


The room took a big sigh of relief.   Jae smiled at Yuhno and touched his cheeks closing his eyes.


Yuhno saw what has just transpired and was moved. Jae kissed his lips softly.


“wow!” was all Yuhno could say.


“He said he wants to give us all a rest that he would be ok, and Karam?” Jae said


“Deh, Jaejoong hyung?” Karam squeaked.


“He would like for you to stay here in the guest room, you know for helping him and to keep the cover” Jae smiled.


“Oh, well is he sure I mean he needs time to himself and I don’t want him uncomfortable” Karam said.


“Trust me he meant it sweety, Siwon can you show Karam the guest room please?” jae asked.


“Of course come with me Karam” Siwon said guiding him to the room.


“Everyone else we can all head home and get some rest.” Yuhno smiled.


Everyone headed back to thier homes and dorms.  Yoosu walked into thier home and Yoochun grunted. 


"Yikes, we haven't done a darn thing yet. Min's house is the only one done." he grimaced.


"Yah someone said he had a surprise for me tonight Chunnie" Junsu winked sliding off his shirt and walking to the bedroom.


"Oh yeah it's about to be one hot night" Chun chuckled dashing after his teasing lover.


Yunjae walked into thier home and sighed.


"You think he will be ok Yunnie" Jae asked.


"Of course baby, I trust the boy and he's not alone" Yuhno winked.


They locked the doors and shut down the lights and headed to thier bedroom. Jae sat down on the bed taking off his shoes and clothes and putting Pj's on.


Yuhno stripped down to his boxers and climbed in the bed. He pulled Jae close to him. With no quick movement he began to kiss Jae's bare shoulder. Jae melted like Chocolate.


"Ohhh Yunnie, I miss your touch so much" He whimpered.


"Then let me touch you baby" Yuhno whispered seductively.


Changmin was sleeping peacefully, in his arms was the picture of him and Ky he had gotten up and took into the bed with him. He also laid his head on Ky's pillow. His sweet scent lulling Changmin to sleep.


Karam laid in the bed thinking. He was very thankful that everyone wanted to help him. He took so many risks tonight he was purely exhausted but he couldn't sleep.


"You will pay for killing my family Henry! Mark my words." Karam said wickedly.


He closed his eyes and was soon overtaken with sleep.

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