Moments I Don't Forget to Remember


Somebody said the hardest part of being a mother is labour and delivery.
Somebody never watched her 'baby' get on the bus for the first day of kindergarten.


This one shot is a spin-off of Paris: The City of My Heart. It tells of Amber's transition into motherhood, with the support from Yuri and Sung Yeol. She lives with Yuri and Min Ho throughout the whole event and Sung Yeol appears since the birth day.


Note: Toulouse, known as La Ville Rose (The Pink City), is the capital of the Midi-Pyrénées region, the largest region in urban France. It is the fourth largest city in the country and is more than 600 kilometres away from Paris, 5 hours apart by train.


Before you were born, I fell in love with you. Before you even knew of your own existence, I knew my existence could not be without you.


This is an entry to bAbYmOcHii12's Dreams & Memories Monthly Writing Contest, using the prompt Kangta's For The First Time.


Credit to Mary517 for the poster <3 I wouldn't trade you for the world.



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This story plot is pure fiction, including the events and characters. Celebrity's names are borrowed for writing purposes. Any similarities to actual persons, alive or dead, events, real or fictious, are purely coincidental.

© KPossible21, 2012.

I will update this before the end of the month :)


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Chapter 1: Oh such a beautiful story written in a mother's point of view. Made me realized how hard it is to be my mother. And Author-nim, I cried at the end of it ;A;
Chapter 1: Wow unlike anything i've ever read on aff. This is such a beautiful portrayal of a mother's love & it's so touching (: the details made the story tug even more at the heartstrings. I like the poem (?) you included at the end too; it was so nice and relevant ^^
This was really beautiful. I love how it's from a mother's perspective and the fact that in a sense it is extremely relatable. This is going to be my pick-me-up whenever I feel like a bad daughter. LOL that sounds weird but it's worth the re-reading <3 Thank you so much for writing this ~
LuckyJune #4
Chapter 1: I read this story because I founf your story when I was looking through posters from a designer that I admire, and I found yours.. your poster was so amazing and the quote there pulled me so I searched for your story.. Imade a right choice... Your story is just soo..worth it.... When I read your story, I realized that I have never said the words 'I Love You' to my mother anymore since I attend school.. I don't even rememer if I ever said that to my mother... And you know, the words

it was expected that you won't love me as much as I love you

That really made me think again.. Thanks for this inspiring story XD
This was... thoroughly gripping... yes, it was. Extremely well-written.
Mahalia1012 #6
Holy. Moly.
This is just... gripping. This makes me want you to actually write the sequel to PTCOMH. I want Myungsoo to see what Amber has been through and I want Amber to know what Myungsoo has been through without her. It's going to be a bittersweet reunion, I think.

You did a good research on France, didn't you?
The whole baby bonus etc. Australia and Singapore give it to the foreigners, France is cruel then >_> But Myungsoo is French right? Shouldn't they consider Paris half-French? But I suppose you need the father to get the birth certificate? But in PTCOMH, it is mentioned that Paris is a 'Kim', so I guess there's more to this? I have a feeling this will be covered more in Toulouse? I'm going to finish that when I could.

Thank you, again, for teaching about the hardship of life; in this case, motherhood. The part that I think really true is "it was expected that you won't love me as much as I love you". It's so true. We always take our mums for granted. I noticed that a long time ago and when I texted my mum 'Mum, I love you' and she said 'Are you sick?' -___-
I read the poem and that is reality. They don't know we love them because we take them for granted most of the time, therefore we should always say I love you to remind them that we do love them. It's sad and bittersweet. I love my mum, but I can't be affectionate -___- and unfortunately, words just aren't enough.

Again, I'm spamming your comment box with a long comment. I hope you don't mind ^^
This was awesome.
I can't...I can't even describe how well written this fic is! continue writing more inspirational stuff for the good of everyone! ^^V
LOL You always like to keep your subscribers on edge.
This is seriously amazing ! Thank you for putting the explanation. It helped me understand the story (and life) more ^^