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 facts about random kpop male idols



list of chapters:


✁----- one; all about boy groups awards
✁----- two; hongki
✁----- three; nichkhun
✁----- four; kangin
✁----- five; taemin
✁----- six; lee joon
✁----- seven; jaehyo
✁----- eight; ren
✁----- nine; l
✁----- ten; ghun
✁----- eleven; top
✁----- twelve; baro
✁----- thirteen; speed sungmin
✁----- fourteen; yoseob
✁----- fifteen; chunji
✁----- sixteen; exo k special
✁----- seventeen; bap special
✁----- eighteen; sunggyu
✁----- nineteen; kevin
✁----- twenty; key
✁----- twenty-one; zico
✁----- twenty-two; junho
✁----- twenty-three; doojoon
✁----- twenty-four; heechul
✁----- twenty-five; mir
✁----- twenty-six; kiseop
✁----- twenty-seven; sandeul
✁----- twenty-eight; baekho
✁----- twenty-nine; onew
✁----- thirty; ukwon
✁----- thirty-one; leeteuk
✁----- thirty-two; gikwang
✁----- thirty-three; seungri 
✁----- thirty-four; super junior m special
✁----- thirty-five; changjo
✁----- thirty-six; hoya
✁----- thirty-seven; sungyeol
✁----- thirty-eight; 700th subscriber/s celebration
✁----- thirty-nine; taeyang
✁----- forty; exo m special
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Chapter 20: I ship jongkey too keke :)
thanks authornim this is great!! Sometimes the font is a bit :/ tho but i dont mind ;)
Chapter 16: Oooooh that's cool Baek is my bias IN EXO and ... I'm a Taruus (or is it taarus?) as well, AND my zodiac sign is a monkey too! Keke.
Thanks authornim!!!!!! ;)
Chapter 5: Taeminnie ... O.o
haha, I talk to myself too sometimes keke. And a narcissist? Ooh
I'm a taemint!! Love me too!! :")
lol ontae. But I ship 2min ... T_T lol he thinks Key is hotter than Minho (I ... Agree ... :/ keke)
Chapter 3: Hang on ... You said that "there isn't food he doesn't like" and then you said, "he doesn't like avacados" and as far as I am aware an avacado is food (lol). So how can that be?
And awwwww Khunnie is such a sweet boy :")
saranghe khunnie! :") <3
Chapter 8: Do you know what school Ren went?
[deactivated] 144 streak #6
Chapter 9: Myungsoo baby for life~! <3 xD
Chapter 24: I'm having a hard time reading Heechul's font.
putri93 #8
Chapter 18: my favorite leader
Chapter 11: There not toys, there action figures. Yg collects them as well, but whats funny is YG would brag to top that he has the figures that doesn't have
akiiii #10
Thank you for posting facts about them ♥♥♥