Kim Myungsoo

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Name: Kim Myungsoo
Birthdate: March 13, 1992
Position: Vocal, Face of Infinite

1| Myungsoo has a younger brother who is two years younger than him.

2| Myungsoo's home town is in Seoul.

3| There was a high-class look & an eccentric feeling about L at first but when he starts to speak in his regional dialect, he seems more human-like. /LMAO xD

4| Myungsoo, Woohyun and Sungyeol share a room.

5| Myungsoo had interest towards being an entertainer rather than a singer./Oooh

6| For Myungsoo, his nose is his best body part.

7| Myungsoo has a dream as a photographer./me too^^

8| Myungsoo loves to play a ball.

9| Myungsoo may look delicated but he is actually pretty stubborn and has a temper. /I agree *le nods

10| Myungsoo is the member who is very alert with camera./and so, the camera loves him

11| Myungsoo is the member who eats a lot. /o.O

12| Myungsoo's motto is "Enjoy this moment right now"

13| As soon as Myungsoo become 20, if there's time, he wants to go on a penniless journey.

14| L was in God of Study,but his part was cut. /Awww. But it’s okay, because my hubby’s there :D

15| L is just like a pineaple. Hard and rough on the outside but sweet on the inside.

16| L was similar to Death note L when he was a trainee with his long hair and all. /I love L. I mean Death Note L^^

17| [Q] The reason you don't have a GF right now is?? [L] If I knew the reason, then I probably wouldn't be like this. /Eh?

18| L was named 'L' because his moves and voice resemble L from death note. /Srly?

19| L can spend his one last day with his love.

20| Myungsoo’s blood type is O. /and so do I xD

21| He’s a Pisces.

22| His favorite color is black.

23| Myungsoo studies at Taekyung University. /I suddenly remember

24| His Japanese is the best amongst the group/

25| He’s also the second best at English. /who’s first?

26| His favorite meal is kimchi stew.

27| Myungsoo loves kimchi to the point of carrying some in his bag. /TROLOLOLOL xD

28| Myungsoo loves manga and anime, some of his favorites are naruto, bleach and one piece. /I like naruto ^^

29| If he weren’t an idol, he’d want to be a photographer. /similar to no. 7 but I think this make sense^^

30| Myungsoo played the guitar for Can u Smile & Sungkyu’s cover of Lucky. /I totally like Can U Smile

31| Prior to debut, he acted in God of Study & Epik High’s Run MV.

32| Myungsoo also acted in Infinite’s Before the Dawn, Jiu: Police Criminal Investigation & Shut Up! Flower Boy band.

33| Myungsoo seems to specialize in action roles since he knows how to fight and use various weapons.

34| Myungsoo also voiced a character based on himself in wala, a korean cartoon.

35| Myungsoo has a lot of interest for fashion.

36| Myungsoo was the main model for Jang Kwanghyo’s collection at Seoul fashion week 2011. /Oooooh

37| Yet another of his interests involves hair designing, he claims to “have skills.” /LOL

38| Myungsoo loves his eyes.

39| He has this habit of staring at people too much. /that’s okay for eLements right?

40| After his eyes, the part of his body he’s the most confident in is his . /want a proof? Look at the GIFs below later^^

41| Myungsoo eyes become double lidded when he’s tired. /o.O

42| Myungsoo has several dozens of identical plaid shirts and hats that only change in color. /want proof again? Watch sesame player xD

43| Myungsoo used to have ear piercings prior to debut, which he doesn’t wear anymore.

44| His ideal type would be someone with long, wavy hair.

45| He thinks girls are the prettiest when smiling. /le smiles

46| Myungsoo would date Dongwoo, Woohyun or Sungyeol.

47| He used to share a room with Dongwoo.

48| He currently sleeps in the same room with Sungyeol, Dongwoo & one of the managers.

49| Myungsoo has a bad habit of hitting people while sleeping. /LOL. Yeah that’s bad xD

50| He claims to be too stubborn and wishes to change that.

51| People consider him mysterious, mostly with the way he’s always lost in his own thoughts.

52| But he once stated that he’s usually thinking about things like “what should I eat for dinner…” /LOL xD

53| Myungsoo, the members of infinite, and fans that have met him alike all saythat past his cold image, he’s very sweet, caring and dorky.

54| Myungsoo said he loves his parents and said thank you to them. /So sweeeet ;D

55| His hobbies include cooking, exercise and rap. /Wait? Rap? He can rap?

This is dedicated to my best friend who is hiding under the pen name flyingpenguin. ^^

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thanks authornim this is great!! Sometimes the font is a bit :/ tho but i dont mind ;)
Chapter 16: Oooooh that's cool Baek is my bias IN EXO and ... I'm a Taruus (or is it taarus?) as well, AND my zodiac sign is a monkey too! Keke.
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Chapter 5: Taeminnie ... O.o
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Chapter 3: Hang on ... You said that "there isn't food he doesn't like" and then you said, "he doesn't like avacados" and as far as I am aware an avacado is food (lol). So how can that be?
And awwwww Khunnie is such a sweet boy :")
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Chapter 8: Do you know what school Ren went?
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Chapter 24: I'm having a hard time reading Heechul's font.
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Chapter 18: my favorite leader
Chapter 11: There not toys, there action figures. Yg collects them as well, but whats funny is YG would brag to top that he has the figures that doesn't have
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