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Plot: Karina's acting career is in jeopardy due to being accused of being the 'other woman' in a powerful love team. Winter Kim comes to the rescue - a well-known singer's nepo baby who is starting a rock band and needs Karina’s gorgeous face to be her so-called 'inspiration.'


Note: This will be written mostly in English but will have TagLish dialogues.


“Karina Yu, Jeno Lee ‘late night date’ pictures go viral amid Jeno - Miyeon breakup”


“Cho Miyeon's celebrity friends unfollow Jeno Lee, Karina Yu over rumored betrayal”


“Jeno Lee, Karina Yu Rumored Affair, Dispatch’s Revelation”


Karina bit her lower lip seeing her search box filled with controversy. She couldn’t even step out of her van dahil madaming nakaabang na reporter sa kanya knowing that she’s entangled over the power couple’s break up.


She chewed a gum dahil hindi naman siya pwedeng mag-smoke dito sa loob ng sasakyan. Her heart was beating fast while waiting for her manager’s arrival since she was called for some meeting today.


Kagabi pa trending ang pangalan niya admist the controversy.


Normally, being trending is good news for her. More clicks mean more projects to work on, more interviews to attend, and more opportunities in and out of the country. But then, this canceling type of trending is a witchhunt. 


“No guys, you don’t understand-”


She ended up deleting that reason cause it might spark more issues like her being defensive. Kahit na deserve niya naman ipagtanggol ang sarili niya over baseless accusations and speculations, the management hasn’t approved yet.


She might put more fuel to the fire - so they say.


Hindi niya naman first time ma-issue. Madaming beses na din actually with something major like her getting plastic surgery in Korea when she stayed there for a month or her getting an abortion in Singapore with her ex’s baby. May mga minor issue din like her being “snobbish” sa fans outside work schedules at kung ano ano pa.


But it wasn’t as bad as this. 


“I have reasons…” sounds defensive pa din.


Karina wanted to throw her phone away at this point. Padami ng padami ang tweets about sa kanya and most of it weren’t on the positive side. As time passes by, payurak ng payurak na din ang image niya dahil sa big accounts taking the couple’s side.


It couldn’t be helped.


In this misogynist country wherein cheating is a natural need of a man, laging sa another party ang sisi. It would have been easy if she could refute the allegations and deny her involvement with him.


But she can’t.


She knows what she did.


Now, she must suffer the consequences of her poor choices.


Karina smiled bitterly.


15 years of her career building - down the drain just like that. 


She chewed on the gum more forcefully this time. Hindi niya na nga napansin na nakagat na din ang dila niya sa sobrang tense ng pakiramdam niya. Her driver, Mang Tonyo, kept glancing at her worriedly dahil halata sa pamumula ng mukha niya ang anxiety.


As if her internal turmoil wasn’t enough, ang tagal pa bago dumating ng manager niya.


‘Seriously, what’s taking her so long?’


If this was any other day, bababain na niya si Ningning and drag her back to the van para masamahan siya. But then, this is an entirely different situation kaya naman nagbehave na muna si Karina and settled by texting.


“Madam, san na you?”


“Madam, can you get me coffee na din?” 


“Madam, I’m bored…and worried. Tuloy ba ang shoot?”


After spamming her with text messages, isang response lang natanggap niya. “Wait.”


And wait, she will.


As if naman may choice siya.



“I'm in love with the girl in the photograph

When I look at her she's looking back at me

She's the girl in the magazine” 


Winter’s blonde hair bobbed along the beat of the drums while her hands were busy fiddling on her guitar strings and her sweet voice filled the studio where the band was rehearsing their debut single called “Covergirl.”


Growing up in a family full of musicians, it was inevitable that she’d grown up with the same passion. Yun nga lang, she was a bit astray as most of them were into theater and musicals, Winter ended up embracing pop-rock music.


Her decision wasn’t exactly accepted agad. 


Lalo na that she was a Kim. There’s a certain expectation of how Kim Taeyeon’s daughter would be knowing that her mom was one of the most celebrated celebrities worldwide. Her mom is a living legend after all.


Ayaw nga ng mommy niya na maging artist siya eh, particularly a rock band, since it wasn’t as prestigious in the country compared to Hollywood. Pero dahil may pinagmanahan siya, the enigmatic Kim Taeyeon pa din, wala din naman to nagawa when she insisted. 


With the condition that her family would help curate her success, she got what she wanted.


Well, sort of.


“Nice set, everyone!” bati ni Giselle sa kanila as soon as the final note of the song was done. 


Giselle was a manager na binigay ng mommy niya to help them out immensely daw with the PR. Winter doesn’t know where nakuha ng mommy niya ang dalaga but it’s comforting na hindi magkakalayo ang edad nila so hindi awkward.


And Giselle is friendly indeed.


Di na din talaga masama. 


“Thanks…” tipid na sagot ni Winter as she drunk from her water. Ganun din naman ang mga college friends niya na nag-ingay na kasi crush lang ng iba si Giselle at nagpapapasin. Umiling na lang si Winter and frowned at the magazine she was holding.


“Looks like nakuha niya talaga attention mo?” Giselle asked playfully at nilapag ang 2 Chich magazine sa available table sa harap nila. Mas lalo niya pang napagmasdan ang babae sa cover and nodded her head.


‘Maganda nga.'














“Uy, pre! Chix!” sigaw ni Ryujin (bassist) na halatang naexcite sa nakita.


“True…” sagot din ni Mark (drummer) na kinuha pa yung may white na cover with interest.


Winter took the remaining blue one and stared sa cover. Somehow, the lyrics of the song played back in her mind. 


“I saw her on the cover of seventeen

With baby blue eyes looking back at me”


Obviously, this is Chic Magazine and not Seventeen. The cover girl doesn’t even have blue eyes. When she wrote it naman kasi, she just looked for words na bumagay sa rhythm and was practically just writing songs.


But how eerily fitting.


She turned to page 3 and was stunned by the crazy coincidence. 


“On page three

I think I might have found the girl of my dreams

She's the kind of girl who always looks great”




Mas kinabahan si Winter where this was going cause there’s no way that Giselle would bring this magazine without reasons. It’s just a few days na nagkasama sila but she figured that Giselle is one heck of a good media play master.


Naalala niya yung surge ng mga online articles about their bands simula nung siya ang nag-handle sa kanila. Nag-start muna sa pag-viral ng pics ni Mark and Jaehyun na parehong pogi. Then Ryujin as a loud and proud LGBT member.


Then they leaked Winter’s pre-stardom guitar covers from family events. 


Instantly, the attention was all on them kahit di niya pa gamitin ang pangalan ng mama niya.


With Ryujin being out and Winter writing most of their songs in a smitten perspective, mas curious na tuloy ang fans if ka-federation din ba siya or ally lang. Well, Winter didn’t mind sharing her preference kahit her mom didn’t want to.


And now…maybe tama ang mama niya.


Cause Giselle’s glinting eyes look like she has some sort of devious plan aimed towards her.


“Siya ba ang mag-star sa music video natin?” it was Jaehyun who asked, sensing Winter’s discomfort and hesitation. 


“Good idea, but no.” ngingiti ngiti pang sagot ni Giselle. “It’s already good na kayo lang ang laman ng MV niyo para tumatak kayo sa tao. We can invite celebrities, much much later.” she added with a calculative smirk. 


Sinadya pa niyang kunin ang magazine na hawak hawak mismo ni Winter.


“But I’d like you guys to meet...Karina Yu. Winter’s inspiration for Covergirl.” 


“Aahhh yun lang pa-ANO!?”




Buong banda ay nagulat dahil alam nilang lahat na wala namang ganun for Winter as music was just her passion. Lalong lalo na si Winter na nagulantang pa din sa announcement ng manager niya kahit nadama niya naman na yun kanina pa lang.


‘But who the hell are you, Karina Yu?’


“Kailangan pa ba yun?” Winter asked kahit curious din naman siya dun sa babae.


“Why not?” Giselle’s lip tugged sideways. 


“I know this industry like the back of my hand. And when I say that people will it up. After all, everyone buys a happy fantasy and we will give them that.”


Giselle’s argument sounds logical but Winter was still doubtful.


“If she’s so all that, bakit naman siya papayag?” Winter asked curiously.


“Wala siyang choice but pumayag to redeem herself. Though this band needs their muse more than she needs a knight in shining armor. But Karina doesn’t have to know that. Trust me.” Giselle answered confidently.


Winter still doesn’t understand much because Giselle keeps talking in riddles. But she’s the expert so she’ll trust her blindingly. 


Wala din naman siyang choice.




Please do not associate the characters I write with their real-life counterparts. While there might be a resemblance here and there, the author does not intend to make anyone delusional in any way. Everything that is written in this fanfic is a figment of imagination and is a result of my strive to improve my writing skills.


Copyright © 2024 Rhi (Soshi_051697)


All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or used in any manner without the prior written permission of the copyright owner, except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.



What can I say? This prompt haunted me. HAHAHA so when I got 1.5 hrs free time, nagsulat na lang ako without bothering to proofread. I think this is my first fake dating attempt? Hmmm.

Di ko pa sure if kaya ko panindigan to. HAHAHA. but motivate me, I guess? I know this prompt is better off as AU style but since wala akong patience for soc med editing, this'll have to do. 

Lemme know what you think so far. :p


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