cold war


, idea from what happen during world tour in HongKong

"unnie , do you hate me?"


"Wonyoung unnie , what happen between you and yujin unnie"
"mmmm....we...just tired , it's fine ."
"BUT..."Leeseo want to ask more
"Leeseo , i need to buy something in convenience store , come with me...."
Gaeul take her away from hotel 
" things get heat , Can you feel it?"
Gaeul pray for yujin , hope she wouldn't wear a scarf again tommorow
It start in the plane, they sit next to each other and the tension was palpable, like the static electricity that crackles in the air before a storm. Wonyoung and Yujin had been inseparable since their debut. But something had changed. A silent tension had grown between them, thick as the fog that shrouded the city when they landed. They exchanged glances that spoke volumes, yet neither dared to voice their thoughts. It was a cold war, not with guns or armies, but with unspoken words and unresolved feelings.

Back at the dorm, the air was colder than the winter outside. They moved around each other like strangers in a crowded elevator, careful not to touch, their eyes averted. The silence was deafening, broken only by the occasional rustle of clothing or the muted sounds of the city beyond their windows. In the shared space, every gesture was loaded with meaning, every lack of one a declaration of the unspoken war that raged between them.

Yujin sat on her bed, her eyes glued to her phone, scrolling through social media feeds that did nothing to warm the chill in her heart. Wonyoung was in the kitchen, the clink of dishes a stark contrast to the quiet in the room. The walls felt as if they were closing in, each breath they took echoing like whispers in an empty library. They tried to act normal, but the tension was palpable, making the atmosphere thick and suffocating.

Wonyoung took a deep breath, her hand trembling slightly as she gripped the edge of the kitchen counter. She knew she couldn't bear the silence anymore; it was tearing her apart piece by piece. She turned, her gaze meeting Yujin's for a brief moment before she swallowed hard and stepped into the room. "Yujin-ah," she began, her voice softer than a feather landing on a pillow.

Yujin looked up, her eyes betraying a mix of hope and fear. She put down her phone and waited, her heart racing like a wild horse in anticipation of the words that would follow. "Yes?" she responded, her voice equally as gentle.

Wonyoung took another step closer, her eyes searching Yujin's for any sign of anger or resentment. "Can we talk?" she asked, her voice barely above a whisper. The weight of the question hung in the air, heavy as a lead balloon. Yujin nodded, her eyes never leaving Wonyoung's. They sat on the floor, their knees touching, the space between them feeling like a vast chasm.

The silence that followed was pregnant with unspoken words and a myriad of emotions. Wonyoung picked at her nails, trying to gather her thoughts, while Yujin played with the hem of her shirt, avoiding eye contact. "I'm sorry," Wonyoung finally said, breaking the tension like a dam giving way to a flood of emotions. "I didn't mean to hurt you."

Yujin's eyes grew misty, and she took a shaky breath. "It's okay," she murmured. "But we can't just ignore it." Her voice was small, but it resonated through the room like a bell tolling in the night.

Wonyoung nodded, understanding that the path ahead was not going to be easy. "What can I do to make it right?" she asked, her eyes pleading.

Yujin looked up, her eyes searching Wonyoung's face. "Just tell me what's going on," she whispered, her voice trembling. "I need to know."

The room grew quiet again, the only sound their breathing. Wonyoung took a deep breath, her heart pounding in her chest like a drum. "I...I don't know how to say it," she began, her voice cracking.

"i got warning again for PDnim again...."
"less interactive , that his order..."
"we can solve it together , that what we promise in our first date "

Yujin's eyes widened, the mention of their first date bringing a ghost of a smile to her lips. It was a simple memory, a quiet afternoon in a park, but it was the moment they had realized their relationship was growing into something more profound. They had promised to support each other, to face challenges as a unit, not as two separate individuals. Wonyoung's words brought a warmth to the room, like the first rays of sunshine after a long winter's night.

"But what if we can't?" Wonyoung's voice was tinged with doubt. "What if I'm not good enough for them?"

Yujin reached out, her hand resting gently on Wonyoung's. "You are," she said firmly. "You're amazing, and they're just..."

"Scared," Wonyoung finished for her. "They're scared of what people will say, of what might happen if we're too close."

They sat in silence, the weight of their unspoken fears pressing down on them like a heavy blanket. The world outside their dorm room continued to spin, but in that moment, it was as if they were the only two people in existence. The air grew thick with their shared pain, a silent acknowledgment of the hurdles they faced.

"We have to tell them," Yujin said finally, her voice steady. "We can't hide forever."

Wonyoung's heart skipped a beat. The thought of revealing their feelings to their group members was terrifying, but she knew Yujin was right. They couldn't live in the shadows, not when the love between them was so bright it could outshine the stars.

"I know," she whispered, squeezing Yujin's hand. "But what if they don't understand?"

Yujin leaned in, their faces now just inches apart. "Then we'll make them understand," she said, her voice a soft promise. "We'll show them that love doesn't have to be hidden away. It's something to be celebrated."

Before Wonyoung could respond, Yujin closed the distance between them, pressing their lips together in a kiss that was as tender as it was fierce. It was a declaration of their love, a promise that no matter what the world threw at them, they would stand together. Wonyoung's eyes fluttered closed, her body relaxing into the warmth of Yujin's embrace. The kiss grew deeper, more urgent, as if they were trying to convey in that single act all the words they hadn't spoken.

When they finally pulled away, they were both breathless, their eyes locked. "We'll do it together," Yujin murmured, her thumb tracing gentle circles on Wonyoung's hand. "We're in this together."

Wonyoung nodded, a newfound resolve in her gaze. "Okay," she said, her voice stronger now. "Let's do it."

The days that followed were a whirlwind of preparation and anxiety. They talked into the night, planning how they would approach their group members, what they would say, and how they would handle any potential fallout. But amidst the tension, there were moments of tenderness, moments where they could be just Wonyoung and Yujin.

One evening, as they sat side by side on the couch, Yujin reached over and took Wonyoung's hand. Her thumb brushed over Wonyoung's knuckles, sending a shiver up her spine. Wonyoung turned to her, their eyes meeting in a silent conversation that spoke louder than any words could. The electricity between them was undeniable, a force of nature that neither of them could ignore.

Without a word, Yujin leaned in, her eyes never leaving Wonyoung's. Their kiss grew in intensity, a dance of passion that had been building for weeks. They had always been careful, hiding their love from the prying eyes of the outside world. But now, in the privacy of their dorm, they allowed themselves to let go.

Their hands roamed over each other's bodies, exploring every inch of skin with a hunger that was insatiable. Wonyoung felt Yujin's heart beating against her chest, a rhythm that matched her own. They moved together in perfect harmony, their breaths mingling as one.

Their clothes fell away, revealing the beauty of their bodies, the soft curves and gentle lines that had been hidden beneath layers of clothing. They took their time, savoring every touch, every sensation. It was a declaration of love, a celebration of the connection that had grown between them.

Their love-making was a symphony of whispers and sighs, a gentle give and take that spoke of the depth of their feelings. They moved as one, their bodies entwined like vines climbing a trellis, seeking the warmth of the sun. It was a moment of pure intimacy, a sanctuary in the storm that was their lives.

As they reached the crescendo, their bodies tightening and then releasing in sweet surrender, Wonyoung felt a warmth spread through her that had nothing to do with the physical act. It was a warmth that filled her soul, a warmth that made her feel whole. She clung to Yujin, her heart racing, as if afraid that if she let go, the moment would slip away like sand through her fingers.

"Wtf ."Liz and Rei just come back to hotel
"i know you two love period , but calm down a bit ...."
"sorry about that..."yujin use a scarf cover her neck and wonyoung wear a jacket with a shirt 
"where are Gaeul unnie & Leeseo?"
"i...think they also enjoy their date now...."
IG post @eeseooes
two hands holding together , a red mark on the smaller hand

*story from author daydream 


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