Falling in love


Lee Jinki falls in love with his new manager's little sister, Kim Autumn, the girl with the white hair and the big heart. The only problem? His fans are in love with him, too.


Lee Jinki - The singer.

Kim Autumn - The song writer.




Like sailing into unknown waters, this is how falling in love feels for her: it's like living in a sweet dream, like touching heaven with her own hands with every meaningful look, with every nervous smile and a blush, with every beat of her innocent heart. And when she and he are alone for the first time, her heart feels that warm and nervous feeling, an extreme emotion while, just looking into each other's eyes, they spread smiles on each other's faces as they go through a journey of innocent memories of their childhood. 

Before listening to an I love you, it comes an I am in love with you, and before that an I like you, and before that a smile, and before a smile, it comes a meaningful look that changes your whole world and messes up the order in your universe to fragment it into thousands of pieces like a puzzle, turning us into travelers in search of that someone that we suddenly need. And with his gaze, a touch of his hands, a laugh, a word, we rebuild ourselves until we feel complete again. His presence in our lives becomes a need, a silent plea, a hope so that way our hearts can beat correctly, to get a proof that we are alive: it becomes a desire that make us company through sleepless nights, and a desire to see him again in the morning. 

But love is not always a game for two, sometimes it comes with wild waves, blizzards and storms, perhaps to test our fighting spirit, our feelings and our courage. How badly does she want to be with him? How badly does he want to be with her? The tests of love make us wonder if it is worth fighting for, if the triumph of a sincere love is worth breaking the heart of another person. Some would say yes, others would say no. Breaking the hearts of his fans wasn't on her plans, nor was falling in love with the same person they are in love with. And that, at the end of the day, makes us wonder one more thing... Have you ever fallen in love so badly, that you want to be by his side despite everything, but, deep down, do you know that he can never be with you?

That's Autumn & Jinki's story.


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