, welcome karina and winter to room 0101

game start now.....


{welcome to room 0101 , experimental subjuct A  and B< Kim Minjeong > , you two must stay in this room for 3 days , but time pass slower in this room , so when you go out to the real world it will be next month. all you need to do everyday is finish mission i give , if you escape or reject to do mission , system will choose A or B to execut . If A or B kill other during mission or in this room , also get execution . the time to finish today mission is 3 hours , time start!}
"wtf , where am i... unnie? why you're here too? i just open my room door and suddenly come to here."
"IDK, i wake up and find myself in this room , i check around here , no door an d window , made by unknown material , can't break or destroy .do you hear the rules of this room , we have  to be quick , finish the today mission  first."
{two choice :
mission 1( A  use knife cut a 6 cm long wound on B)
mission 2 ( B use finger make A go )
good luck}

"this .... "
"unnie , choose A , it doesn't hurt that much "
Karina go straight to the  choice button and choose 2
"unnie , what are you doing..."
"it is the only way , i don't want our minjeong get hurt ."
"start it now , anotherise we both will die in here ."

The cold, digital voice of the system echoed through the room as Karina stepped closer to Winter. Her heart raced, a mix of fear and anticipation as she took a deep breath to steady her nerves. She had to trust that this was the only way to survive, to escape from this twisted game.

Winter's hands trembled slightly as she reached out and gently placed her fingertips on Karina's neck. She felt the warmth of her skin and the pulse of her heartbeat as she traced a soft line down to her collarbone. Karina's eyes closed, and she leaned into the touch, her breathing becoming shallower with each passing second.

The tension in the room was palpable as Winter continued her delicate exploration, moving her fingers along the curve of Karina's s and over the fabric of her shirt. Karina's breath hitched, and she couldn't help but let out a quiet moan. The room's sterile environment felt like it was closing in around them, but all that mattered was the connection building between them.

Winter's touch grew bolder, her fingertips grazing over the sensitive skin of Karina's stomach and then moving lower. She felt the heat radiating from Karina, her body responding to the intimate contact. The air was thick with the scent of their combined fear and arousal, a heady mix that seemed to charge the very air around them.

Karina's breathing grew rapid, her chest rising and falling as Winter's fingers danced over her body. The mission's rules were clear, but the sudden intimacy between them was unexpected. Winter's eyes searched Karina's face, looking for any sign of distress, but all she saw was a mix of confusion and need.

The timer above them ticked down relentlessly, a constant reminder of the danger they were in. Karina's hands found their way to Winter's wrists, gripping tightly as if to ground herself in reality. Her eyes opened, and she met Winter's gaze, a silent plea for understanding.

Winter nodded, and with a gentle sigh, Karina allowed herself to succumb to the sensations. The room seemed to fade away, leaving only the two of them in a bubble of warmth and desire. As the minutes passed, the tension between them grew more intense, and Karina felt her body responding in ways she never had before.

Finally, with a sharp gasp, the hit her like a wave, crashing over her and leaving her trembling in its wake.

The two of them stood there for a moment, breathless and lost in the aftermath. The room was still, the only sound their mingled breaths and the steady tick of the clock. They had done what they had to do to survive, but the line between necessity and desire had been blurred.

As the timer hit zero, a sense of relief washed over them. The mission was complete.

{congratulations , day 1 mission complete...}
karina try to use the chair break the screem but not sucess
{your food will arrive in 3 mins, it is bibimbap and beef ramen , enjoy ...}

karina looked at winter , she noticed the exhaustion etched into her face. "Unnie, you should rest," she said softly, her voice filled with genuine concern.

Winter nodded wearily, her eyes drooping shut as she leaned against the cold wall of the room. Karina watched her for a moment, contemplating the gravity of the situation they found themselves in. Then, she sprang into action, her instincts taking over. She gently helped Winter to the floor, making sure she was comfortable before she set to work on the next task....

to be continue....


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