When There's Love


Title: When There's Love

Previous title: Hate You, Love You!

“The first stab of love is like a sunset, a blaze of color -- oranges, pearly pinks, vibrant purples...”
― Anna Godbersen, The Luxe


She walk to school every single days. He ride on his expensive BMW while he ride on his bicycle every morning. They come from very different background and was brought together by a beautiful relationship, love.





Main Characters:

Son Dongwoon || 19 || Student of Seoul Highschool


Seo Joohyun || 19 || Student of Seoul Highschool


Zhang Yixing || 19 || Student of Seoul Highschool




Theme Songs:

Angel - EXO K

No Other - Super Junior

Not One But Two - Boyfriend


How Great Is Your Love - SNSD

No No No - APINK

I Choose To Love You - SISTAR Hyorin


A/N: I've revamp the story completely with new story line. Look, who's here, oh, Zhang Yixing will be on of the main characters. Yes,expect some love triangle in this story. Because, arranged marriage is quite cliche and I decided to let the original plot go. Nothing to regret because I think I love this new plot better. Notice that the theme songs are all sweet/cute type, this is because I'll try to make this story far from any heavy dramas. I'm sick of dramas somethime. Anyway, please subscribe and leave your comment. Thank you. -aida

Zhang Yixing is now on the list :)

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HogMyWarts #1
Please update soon
I need some DongSeo/SeoWoon action <3
[deactivated] #2
Dong Woon can be with Seohyun and I'll be with Lay! :)))))))
OYEAH! I hope it's one of the exo boys! WAHAHA.
But of course, Dongwoon and Seohyun! <3
i am very glad you continue this story..this story is one of stories that i like so much...kyaa,,they meet..dongwoon must be happy see seohyun..i am curious with new driver..from exo or beast boys..??anyway update soon..
Haahhahahahahaa I can see thier reaction in my head
[deactivated] #7
okay^^ i'll wait for your update :)
update please... :)
seomate_sone #9
SeoHan ! ! ! i want seohan :)
TheRandom #10
ooh so if dongwoon will have Nicole as his girl still what about seohyun and her boy? aha