'Cause Your Love is Cosmic

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Kang Seulgi and Bae Joohyun in different settings, alternate universes and cute moments.


HONESTLY, I have so many prompts and I think it's time to just pour them out in cute one-shots or two-shots. I'll leave this one as "Completed" because technically, each chapter is separated from the other, so yeah, you get what I mean. Oh, also this one's not crowdfunded, so you can enjoy it without waiting for a week, lol.


  1. Lucky: Seulgi falls asleep in Joohyun's lap and Joohyun has a conversation with someone else while Seulgi's hair as if she was a sleeping cat.
  2. Remember Us: Joohyun suffers from amnesia and Seulgi is taking care of her, trying her best to help Joohyun remember her.
  3. Stay Up: Joohyun goes over to Seulgi's home after staying up all night. Even though she do her best to stay awake, she end up falling asleep while cuddling Seulgi. Joohyun is quite embarrassed (and half-asleep) when she wake up, but Seulgi doesn't mind.
  4. Temper: Seulgi gets into a heated argument with someone. Seulgi begins threatening them, so Joohyun, grabs Seulgi by the arm and drags her out of the room before anyone gets hurt.
  5. Playlist: Joohyun finds Seulgi's iPod inside a hoodie she borrowed from her, she then found one of Seulgi's playlist titled with Joohyun's name.
  6. Rollercoaster: Joohyun wants to go on the roller coaster and Seulgi agrees. Later, Seulgi regrets her decision and ends up clinging onto Joohyun for dear life.
  7. Phonecall: Joohyun doesn't like talking on the phone, but Seulgi always calls her instead of texting. Seulgi admits that it's because she want to hear Joohyun's voice.
  8. Fever: Seulgi sensing something wrong with her unnie, she presses her forehead against Joohyun to check for a fever and after, she willingly tries to show her concern and take care of her Joohyun-unnie.
  9. Snow!: Joohyun wakes to find that it had snowed overnight and gets excited about playing in it. Seulgi gets excited because this means that when Seulgi comes inside, it will be time for cuddling by the fire.
  10. Happy New Year: Joohyun and Seulgi spending their New Year's Eve on a party with their friends and sharing their New Year's kiss in front of everyone.


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Chapter 5: such a cute one shot! Love was oozing from two of them.
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Chapter 4: Seulgi might have a temper issues but Joohyun is the one helping her trough times like these.
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Chapter 13: Oh what a joy to read all your cute seulrene. Thank you author! 🧡
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Chapter 13: Go get your girl hyun!🤭
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Chapter 13: selurene gf's next pls
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Chapter 12: I thought she's pregnant already 😭😭😭
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Chapter 11: Cutie
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Chapter 10: 😍👉👈😍
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Chapter 7: Chapter 7: Cutieeee
Chapter 13: Chapter 13: Awww 🥰