A Never Ending Cycle

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Plot: Taeyeon is obsessed with being perfect kaya naman she does her best to treat her girlfriend, Wendy, well. It was something na hindi niya nagawa kay Tiffany noon. But are they really perfect together when every time they spend together feels like a never-ending cycle of the same old story? 


A white Mercedes Benz S-class coupe car arrived in a reserved parking slot inside the premises of a secured apartment building. Wearing plain white sando, blue faded ripped jeans, ternong blue sweater, black shades, and a cap obscuring the majority of her facial features, ready na si Taeyeon to pick up her date that evening.


‘Valentines pa din naman.’ she thought casually while dialing a familiar number kahit pasado 11:30 na ng gabi.


“Hey…” masiglang sagot ng babae sa kabilang linya. Taeyeon heard the uncoordinated strum of the guitar strings on the other side. Inaayos niya siguro ang instrumento so she can talk better. “You’re not busy anymore?” tanong nito with her accented English.


That made Taeyeon smile.


“Kelan ba ko naging busy for you?” she asked playfully, her eyes glancing at the bouquet of flowers na nakaready sa may passenger seat. Her dimpled smile showed up as she was feeling good for herself. “You might wanna go down to the parking.”


“Baby!” malakas na sigaw nito sa endearment nila dahil saya. “You didn’t tell me na may lakad tayo tonight.” maarteng sambit nito with her contagious laugh. Halata sa boses nito ang kasabikan sa ideya na may unexpected date sila.


“Well, surprise?” prenteng sagot ni Taeyeon as she leaned back. An unpleasant memory flashed back uninvited and she was ushering a repeated husky voice to the back of her mind. ‘It’s Valentines, Taenggoo! You don’t have any romantic bones in your body at all!’ 


Taeyeon’s jaw tightened at the sudden flash of her memory.


“Baby, you shouldn’t have!” pag-whine ng babae sa other side and that distracted her from her thoughts. Salungat sa excitement ng boses niya ang sinasabi niya. “Well, come on up. Dito mo na ko hintayin.” pag-aaya nito sa kanya. “Ikaw kasi di ka man lang nagsabi…I’m not ready yet.” 


Natawa na lang si Taeyeon, imagining her cute pout.


“Lagi ka namang maganda regardless.” she complimented naturally while her body moved to fetch the bouquet in her hand. Hindi niya pa binaba ang tawag as she moved to get off the white sedan. Nadinig ang pagclose niya ng pinto and her car beeped when she locked it.


“Akyat na ko ah.” smooth niyang sabi as her feet dragged her to the service elevator. “I’ll see you soon gorgeous.” sabi pa niya kaya naman naggiggle ang feminine voice on the other side. Nag-ding na ang metal box signalling na nasa Lower Ground na ito.


The call ended there dahil wala din naman signal sa loob.


The mirror inside reflected her picture-perfect image.

Please do not associate the characters I write with their real life counterparts. While there might be resemblance here and there, the author does not intend to make anyone delusional in any way. Everything that is written in this fanfic is a pigment of imagination and is a result of my strive in improving my writing skills.


Copyright © 2024 Rhi (Soshi_051697)


All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or used in any manner without the prior written permission of the copyright owner, except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.



What can I say? HAHA Surprise! I'm so blessed with commission requests. T.T 

This was requested mga last month pa. LOL.

And pasalamatan niyo yung sponsor, as always, for sharing. :D


I know, this isn't my usual OTP but I'd like to think na silent bias ko sa RV si Wendy kahit dati pa. HAHAHA. and well, TaeNy is TaeNy. This is currently 50% done inside my drafts. If my writing spirit goes well with me, baka tapos na to by EOW. So ayun, you know the drill.

Lemme know your thoughts so far. 


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