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Two different words collide. Starts with an epic séance, now we’re all down to see what will happen if these girls actually met with each other.


The last part of the Trilogy of triple S AU

1st: Girl's Capitalism

2nd: Invincible

3rd: LOVE & EVOL

Hope you enjoy this one too!

Hello my lovely readers UwU
I know I usually update fast, but if one day I suddenly update slow, don't worry okie?
I'm just taking my time to build the story :D
thank you so much!


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Chae4Prez #1
Chapter 20: Got me feeling like a psycho, psycho~
Chae4Prez #2
Chapter 19: I take it back I'm *enjoyING* this book a lot I look forward to the next chapter :)
Chae4Prez #3
Chapter 18: The ending... New Book or more Chapters? This series was great I really enjoyed it!
Chapter 16: Soomin always be so mischievous hehe :3