Immortal Soulmate [enhypen edition]

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Seven half-sisters were betrothed to their other half since birth through a blood oath to signified their union. However, if the sisters wanted to break off the marriage, then they would have to accept their fate of death or convinced the creators of the blood pact to reverse their union Still, if the sisters do accept their betroths, then they would be entwined to their other half for eternity.


hey~ this has been in the works for awhile, but i feel like there should be more yet i'm just leaving this here as i don't know what else to include. however, i will include other stuff later on when something hits me as i'm quite okay with it. also, this one is different from the other two Immortal Soulmate (NPC & 1TEAM) because the latter included a mortal partner instead of both of them being immortals. so yeah, that's about it and i doubt i'll ever write a full story in concern to this like the other two stories because i just like the idea of them but could never get around to actually writing them fully. anyway, yeah, so happy reading, kthxbai~

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