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In which Kim Jong Kook slowly reveals his relationship with Song Ji Hyo on his youtube channel.


Hello again everyone! This is the final draft I've written about Spartace from my notes app. I want to do a longer one but I need inspiration for now (fun fact, I do have inspiration, just need to be written). 

I wrote this way before speculations of Ji Hyo saying Jong Kook have a girlfriend and keep on talking about relationship and marriage sksksk. I'll just pray for them to find their happiness. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy the short fic! ✨

and that's the end of this short story, this was long ago in my drafts so i just put it out. idk if it make sense, i barely reading it back 😭 off to another new story welp.


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Skysy15 #1
Chapter 8: 😍😍😍
Skysy15 #2
Chapter 5: Nice chapter, can't wait for the next chapter
smoove27 #3
Chapter 4: nice chapter. i'll wait the next chapter
jas2015 #4
Chapter 2: Nice chapter