fox and prey


, how a fox catch her prey


"You cheat on me , seriously!"Ryujin shout at Sonjong 
"With her!when do you two start?this is the end of us , lets break up."
"Sorry, all my false, i can't control myself ."Sonjong try to stop her leave their dorm
"Or you just can't control your body part to cheat ."

The start of the break up is from HER,Yeji.Became close to Sonjong in a party , make him obessed with her , start to cheat . "Such a rubbish ,Be fooled by temptation , plan A continue"
She write down everything in her diary and phonecall Sonjong"lets end our relationship , i find guilty for be a sorry."she burst into tears"but how about me..."a shout from other side of the call , but yeji cut the call before he say more.A smile appear on her face.

Ryujin find the mistess(yeji) appear in her college , as her new classmate that move from other class."Can i sit next to you ?"Ryujin look up , saw yeji smile at her , attracted by her fox-like eyes.'That why Sonjong cheat on me even notice i will know one day. 'she whisper

Yeji use many reason to get her attention,"ryujin-nim, can you help me this question."....."ryujin-nim, can you help me pack up the pen ?""ryujin-nim , can i have your kakao?so that i can ask u some question after school"ryujin want to reject but she softly agreed after facing those sincere eyes.Start to wonder why she treats her love rival like this...

The week pass by,Yeji become more close to her, even after school they walk home together and eat at same resturant.Ryujin can't understand why she still act like nothing happened, even tho she know that Sonjong and her was together before. "Ryujin-nim, are you angry at me?"Yeji ask softly while looking down.

"No...I'm not..."Ryujin reply quickly, "I just...I don't understand why you act like nothing happen..."She trail off, looking away from Yeji, feeling a bit guilty for her own jealousy.

Yeji smiles softly, she didn't anwser."It is raining outside , you can't go back either. Maybe you can stay in my house one night and go back next day."
"s..URE"ryujin anwser , thinking about what yeji want to do this time.

They arrived at Yeji's house, she opens the door and let Ryujin in. The rain is pouring outside, so she quickly close the door. The house is quiet and warm, there's no one else here except them. Yeji suddenly steps closer and cups Ryujin's face in her hands. Before Ryujin could react, Yeji leans in and kisses her passionately. Her lips are soft and warm, and her fox-like eyes are filled with desire. Ryujin feels herself melting into the kiss, her hands finding their way around Yeji's waist. The kiss deepens, and they stumble backwards until they land on the softness of Yeji's bed.

"All i did are just for now."ryujin finally realise what yeji do everything for , from cheating to get her attention, just for her to fall in her trap step by step."So what you chose now?"yeji look at her with sweet eyes, the fox eyes make the eyes seductive.

"I...I chose you."Ryujin reply, her heart already belong to yeji. She feel her body react to the kiss, and she moans softly into it. The passion between them grows stronger as they begin to undress each other, their hands exploring every inch of skin that's revealed. The bed beneath them creaks softly as they move together, their bodies in perfect sync.

Yeji kisses down Ryujin's neck, lightly on her pulse point before moving lower still. She parts Ryujin's legs with her own, revealing her soft, wet folds. She teases her with gentle fingers, circling and until Ryujin cries out, her hips arching off the bed. Yeji smiles against her skin, satisfied with the effect she's having.

Slowly, she guides her fingers inside, feeling the tightness that surrounds her. Ryujin whimpers, her body trembling under the weight of pleasure. Yeji begins to , her fingers finding a rhythm that matches the beat of their hearts. She leans in, capturing a in , hard as she continues to pleasure Ryujin.

Their bodies move together in perfect harmony, each moan and gasp echoing in the quiet room. The air grows thick with desire and sweat, the scent of their arousal filling the space. Yeji feels Ryujin's muscles tense, her body tensing around her fingers. With a final , she pushes her over the edge, her cries of release mingling with her own.

They collapse together in a tangle of limbs, panting heavily. Yeji looks down at Ryujin, her eyes filled with love and satisfaction. She kisses her softly, tracing her lips with the tip of her tongue before moving to her neck, , and then lower still. The night passes as they explore each other's bodies, their love making never stop at that night.

'the fox use bait to catch her prey , she did sucessfully. And the prey fall in the trap willingly.'


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