When We Were Young (우리가 어렸을 때)


Baekhyun will never understand why the anger keep aroused everytime he saw her. 

She never did anything specific to made him made. All she ever did is being another classmates for him. 

But everytime their eyes met- That's when he can feel his anger take over all his body. But one thing he did not realized: the reason why he hated her from the beginning.


Sung So-hee, that girl. 


She just awaken a bitter memory in his head that he tries so hard to burry these past 14 years. No one ever did- even himself. 

But yet, she did. 


 And he hates her for that.




  • Byun Baekhyun (30)

The next successor of Taeyang Group. Grow as the gold-spoon, he never think he is lucky as what people said about him; his mother left him when he was 4, leaving him alone and being raised by his step-brother that he never thought he has. As the results, he grews to never believe anyone and always had a nightmare about the moment when his mother leave the house.

  • Sung So-hee (30)

A professional photographer that come from a humble background. Her father passed away when she was little and she was then raised by her single mother who runs tteokbokki place. She grows up as a smart student and become one of the top scorer in school with a sole goal: to be an independent woman and continue her father's legacy as a photographer.



"Hello? Is someone inside?" 


The knock definitely wakes Baekhyun from his daydream. Baekhyun turns his head. 

And soon, his eyes widened. 

A curious So-hee staring inside the car, trying to check if there's someone inside the car. But only Baekhyun can see her as the windows is using black sun shades, and So-hee couldn't see anything inside. 

Baekhyun heart's start to beating faster as he saw a glimpse of So-hee, who's trying to find out the car's owner. Baekhyun just quiet as his eyes fixed on her. 


"And i forgot for a moment the reason why i run to this place. This shabby street where people only transit to buy some street food and nothing more."


Baekhyun just staring at So-hee from inside his car. So-hee furrow her eyebrows as she cannot confirm if there's anyone inside the car.


"It's because of you, Sung So-hee." 


Baekhyun's eyes redden as he stares at So-hee. Her eyes, her messy fringe, and that slight-chubby cheek. Without he realizes, tears falls from his eyes as a memory flashes on his head.

A memory of his mother playing hide and seek with him in their house. 

And an unknown voice appears in his head. A familiar 4-years old boy who shouts looking for his mother on their house's backyard. 



Just then, another knock appears as So-hee can heard someone is inside the car. The knock finally wakes Baekhyun again from his second daydream. 


Soon, the reality hits him. 


Baekhyun eyes widened in shocked. He quickly wears his seatbelt and turn on the engines. In no time, he quickly drives away from there. Leaving the girl dumbfounded while staring at his car, which quickly shifted to another direction, and suddenly disappear just like that in a second. So-hee chuckled in disbelief as everything happened in front of her eyes. 

"Wah. Someone is really inside that car actually. Isn't that car parked for almost 2 hours already?" 

Baekhyun take a glance through his rear-view mirror, trying to make sure that he's already far from that street. After make sure everything its according to what he wants, he finally relieved a sighs. He continue to drives. 


"And that was the start of this hide and seek with her. Just like what my mom and i did back then in our backyard. A hide and seek between a jerk like me who hates her for an unreasonable reason, and a girl who knows nothing." 


Baekhyun just quiet. Behind that emotionless face, lies a bitter truth about his past and the nightmare that still haunting him even after 14 years. 


A memory about him and his mother. A nightmare that he cannot escape.






HI EVERYONE! I'm back writing again after almost 4 years :'D Back again with my favorite fanfiction character ever, Byun Baekhyun. I'm trying to write something that more mature; talking about how adulting affect us and how we are healed from something that holding us back. Anyway, i hope my story can heal you guys too during your hard time. Thank you and please wait for another updates! <3 


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Chapter 6: Aaaw he's so sweet
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Chapter 4: bro has just called the love of his life "eomma" 😭
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Chapter 2: Chapter 2: mourning for his mother for a decade 🥺 he should have sought help sooner
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Chapter 32: Very beautiful and heartwarming story 🥺❤️
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Chapter 14: This kind of story make me cringe