Cue-Pid (Extended ver.) || Winrina

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Winter and Karina are both promising actresses in the industry. Cunning and beautiful, the two actresses turn from strangers to enemies (not literally enemies) when they paired together in a romantic-comedy sitcom as a couple. After countless annoyance, frustration, and chocolates (yes, chocolates), soon enough, Winter knew that Karina actually had feelings for her.


This story is originally from my Wattpad account with the same username @_yerina

enjoy~ <33


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Chapter 13: super cute
joyie4ever #2
Chapter 13: Cuteeee
Chapter 13: This is so cute like i can really see it happening 🥹 OMG delulu time actress power couple jiminjeong
Chapter 13: It’s so cute ❤️❤️🥺
305 streak #5
Chapter 13: So cute omg 🤭🥰🥰
poka_dots #6
Chapter 13: omg they're so cute together. well done Winter!
Chapter 13: omg i love this!?
Viola_Ella #8
Chapter 13: cute
httpdaniyoo #9
Chapter 13: wow, they're so cute😖❤️
WenRene_77 12 streak #10
Chapter 13: I love this fic. Thank you author💙