Benefits of Being a Nerd

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"Just because I shared the same name as one of the main characters, I wanted to read the novel. How could I have known that I would wake up in that novel and even be bound to the body of Soulmate Baekhyun?

Chanyeol, who possesses the power of fire, was chosen as the next emperor. The god desired a child. The prophecy foretold that he would marry a man with white hair. Baekhyun, the holy child of the god, could not endure the torment and pleaded with the god. The god granted him a wish. Baekhyun wished for a better life. In his final moment, the god gave his holy child a new life. The holy spirit will leave its light until the time when fate changes. When the sun rises, the light will leave the body.

Will Baekhyun be able to reach a happy ending on the path he follows with the memories of his Soulmate?"


I may have spelling mistakes and logic errors somewhere. I apologize for that. English is not my native language but I will take care to write without mistakes. Thank you.


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Beau1996 1414 streak #1
Chapter 23: Lots of moving pieces - which world is Baek supposed to be in?
Beau1996 1414 streak #2
Chapter 22: Can I just slap Chanyeol?? He needs to get his priorities straight!
Beau1996 1414 streak #3
Chapter 21: I completely dig Chan's grandfather!!
Beau1996 1414 streak #4
Chapter 20: Not sure who was proposing marriage!!
Beau1996 1414 streak #5
Chapter 19: I'm not sure what is happening? Did Kris come with Jungkook? How is Yoongi involved?
Beau1996 1414 streak #6
Chapter 18: Why is everyone yelling?
778 streak #7
Chapter 19: What does Yoongi have to do with what is going on with Baekhyun? Also, interesting that Kris is not what he seems either.
Beau1996 1414 streak #8
Chapter 17: Is Chanyeol ever gonna stop being a jerk to Baek??
Beau1996 1414 streak #9
Chapter 16: Many new characters and intrigues to look in to 👀
Beau1996 1414 streak #10
Chapter 15: I don't think I have ever tried ginseng?? I know it's supposed to improve health...