scoring a potential date at a graduation ceremony [jinjoo ver.]


hyewon invites a friend at their graduation--who takes an interest in yujin


hiiii~ this is originally an annyeongz piece of mine but ofc we love jinjoo so i made a separate one that i converted.

and yes, i also graduated so what better time to write a graduation fic than now🤩

anyway, i also wrote this for pride month and i'll be having classes again by july so this month is the only time i can sneak some works and finish some of my drafts😭😭

jinjoo enjoyers r we still alive and well (we barely have crumbs anymore)😭😭

anywayz, jinjoo enjoyers this is for y'all🥰



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Chapter 2: Waaaaa this is so cuuuute!!! Really looking forward to the conversions if u have the time~ thanks for this!!
Chapter 2: Wow jinjoo fic after 100 years