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= We're trying to find somewhere else, but turn out, it's nearby us =


The first encounter didn't go so well for both of them. Anyhow, the destiny brings them together again and their journey starting from there. He thought his plan will work smoothly, but her presence makes it harder. All the time, they never agreed with each other but, because of that, they start to pay attention to each other.

From being ridiculous to each other, the feeling string started to sprout. However, with each other ego, nothing is going to be happened until they realize the importance of each other presence.

Would the love bloom or it just embedded?

Will they continue denying?


They will be honest with their feeling?


Kwon Jiyong

A young businessman getting heed after his father appoint him as future CEO. However, as his reputation still in doubt by the shareholder. To prove his ability, his father sends him to outback and asking him to manage the guesthouse there. Anyhow, without his father knowing, he decided to destroy the guesthouse and desire to build a new hotel there.


Kim Taeyeon

A daughter of a guesthouse manager is helping her family in that guesthouse business. At the same time, she's working as a part-timer at a boutique to live her dream. However, despite her struggling with her life, her priority is toward the guesthouse. She'll do anything to make sure the guesthouse in good condition. She knows, without the guesthouse, her family will lose a source of income, and it's hard for her to pursuit her dream as a designer

I hope everyone enjoying reading my gtae story...! ^^


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Chapter 25: Thanks for the update. More sweet moments pls hahahah
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Chapter 15: i hope this is the only obstacle they have.
Chapter 13: How sad I am to see the mistakes that Jiyong has made, will the punishment continue for Jiyong when he finds out that Taeyeon will marry Jaejong? why why do you make Jiyong and Taeyeon miserable, why why why !!! u,u
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Chapter 13: the cliffhanger...
Chapter 10: Pleaseee next chapter u,u
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Chapter 2: This is funny... Cant wait for next chap... Hahhahha
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Chapter 1: waiting for the next episode
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Can't wait....