Sister Trouble

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What if a self-admitted siscon suddenly had a crush on her sister's friend..


..what if that same sister had developed a crushed on her brother?





This is going to currently be a placeholder for now, while I finish writing my other stories. 

Sorry, got too busy with stuff and having a writers block for this story was also not good.


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Latte908 #1
Chapter 2: When the tag says Chaehyun, Xiaoting then shiro made surprise appearance and knocked it !!! Way to go author-nim… n the cliffhanger at the end??? o.O
Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Ooooohhh chapter 2

Just read it, HOLYYY KK. WHY IS THIS SOOOO GOOD. I have to know what happens next
Latte908 #3
Chapter 2: The more the better and I guess M-rated just make it so much better right?
MisterMisery #4
Chapter 2: Personally speaking, a large no. of word count like the first would fit better
taeny01989 #5
Chapter 1: Omg, my favorite 3 members!!!!! I am willing to wait!!!!!
Chapter 2: I can wait for a week for M rated things, it made chapter 1 better
Latte908 #7
Chapter 1: What an interesting plot… I’m up for this one!
Waiting for more update~~
Chapter 1: AHHHHHH, this is sooooo gooood. Like the story is so fluid, interesting, and amazing. Can't wait for Chap 2. I'm hoping for a Chaehyun x Yeseo Brother be a thing, but firstly Xiaoting and Yeseo Brother intimacy be continued