Connection [Discontinued]

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Tiffany is a celebrated singer and actress in the US, renowned for her magnetic presence that sells out every product she endorses and catapults her albums to millions in sales upon release. Yet, her life takes a tumultuous turn after a single incident leaves her vulnerable to public scrutiny. The very companies that once championed her withdrew their support, compelling her to seek refuge in the advice of laying low. Returning to Seoul, her childhood home where she first nurtured dreams of stardom in the US, seems a nostalgic retreat. Little did she anticipate that her return would entail stepping into a new role within her family's company.




"Hurry up! She's coming!" Mr. Jeon, the head of the mansion, announced from the front door, signaling the maids to expedite their preparations for the arrival of the queen's sole heir. At once, everyone sprang into action, hastening their movements. They meticulously ensured that no speck of dirt was visible, brought more fresh flowers to the entrance, and gave the garden chairs a final polish. The chefs also made a last-minute inspection of each dish, ensuring everything was served piping hot.


"Five minutes!" Mr. Jeon began the countdown. He felt a surge of nervousness, knowing that it wasn't just the heiress arriving; several members of the Young family had also notified him of their intention to join the welcome. As the one responsible for entertaining the guests, he knew he needed to prepare himself mentally as well. "Three minutes!" he added upon noticing the time.


Jogging over to the nearby butlers, he whispered instructions, and they nodded in understanding.


"Two minutes! Please line up now!" he announced, hurrying back to the entrance door and opening it for the maids. Everyone inside filed out, forming an aisle. Mr. Jeon then inspected the maids' uniforms one by one, wiping away any visible dust.


Once finished, he returned to the door and checked the time again. "One minute left. Brace yourselves; the guests are arriving with Ms. Young herself."


As soon as the clock struck noon, the distant gate opened, and a sleek black luxury car began to glide into the mansion's compound. Each car stopped in front of the maids, where butlers promptly opened the doors for the arriving members of the Young family. Stepping out in expensive suits and dresses, they looked as if they were gracing a red carpet-event. The maids bowed respectfully, receiving their coats, hats, and even sunglasses with practiced grace.


The final white car pulled up, and a young woman emerged, clad in a black-brown coat, white turtleneck, black pants, and matching boots. She sighed heavily at the sight of the mansion where she had spent fifteen years growing up.


"I can't believe I'm back. If not for that foolish girl, I wouldn't be here," she thought to herself, striding gracefully towards the entrance. She paused as she reached Mr. Jeon.


"And you are...?" she inquired, her eyebrows arching with curiosity.


"I'm Jeon No-Min, Ms. Young. Welcome back to Young's Mansion," Mr. Jeon greeted with a respectful bow.


She nodded slowly. "Noted. Where are my grandparents?" she demanded, her tone impatient and direct.


"They're in their rooms. They'll be coming down shortly, Ms. Young. For now, let me show you to the garden," Mr. Jeon said, guiding her through the mansion. They passed through a spacious living room and headed out to the backyard, where the party was already underway.


Tiffany was taken aback when she realized she wasn't the only one in the mansion. 'This is like telling me, 'welcome back loser!' What a nice family.' she thought, immediately not liking the atmosphere.


"Welcome back, Cousin!"


"Welcome back, Tiffany Young!"


She was greeted warmly by uncles, aunts, cousins, and even their children. She managed a polite but strained smile as she returned their hugs. When she finally extricated herself, she seized a cocktail from a passing waiter and allowed herself a moment to enjoy it before her grandparents arrived. Everyone settled into their seats around a long table as the chairman and vice-chairman of the Queen's Group took their places to begin lunch.


The table fell silent, the only sound the clinking of utensils, until Grandma Song finally spoke, drawing everyone's attention.


"What do you plan to do now that you're back, Fany-ah?"


Tiffany choked on her food at the question, quickly grabbing her water glass and taking a long sip before she could reply, her heart racing nervously.


"I... I'm still figuring that out, Grandma," she managed to say, her voice tinged with uncertainty.


"You're not planning to go back to the U.S. anymore?" Grandma Song pressed with another question.


"Like I said, I'm still thinking about it."


"How about you handle one of the family's businesses?"


"What?" Tiffany exclaimed. At that moment, Mr. Jeon approached and handed her a folder. She quickly flipped through the papers inside and discovered it concerned the abandoned hotel the Queen's Group owned in downtown Seoul, near Han River Park.


"You're the sole heiress of the company, and even though you're still young, this is a perfect opportunity for you to practice," Grandma Song declared, a smirk forming on her lips. "Take that hotel, rebuild it, and bring its sunshine back to the public."


"Omo, are you sure about that, Grandma? I heard it was abandoned because of the ghosts there," teased one of Tiffany's cousins, eyeing her mischievously.


"Yeah, do you think she can handle that?" questioned an aunt skeptically.


"I heard it was abandoned because her parents died; their ghosts must still be there," added an uncle thoughtlessly.


Tiffany slammed the folder onto the table as she stood up, glaring fiercely at her uncle across the table. "Say my parents' names again, and I'll rip your tongue out and burn it," she threatened with deadly seriousness.


"Fany? Watch your mouth, honey!" Grandma Song exclaimed, sending her a warning stare.


With a heavy sigh, Tiffany made her way down the long table to where her Grandma sat, clutching the folder tightly. "I'll accept the challenge, Grandma," she declared firmly, her tone brooking no argument.


"What's the condition?" her Grandma asked, intrigued.


"I need enough funds to revive my parents' hotel. Give me your answer by tomorrow. Otherwise, this mansion won't see me again," Tiffany asserted before striding out, her boots echoing through the halls as she left with the folder in her possession.


As she settled into the car, frustration creased Tiffany's brow, and she ruffled her hair in exasperation. A scream built up inside her, escaping in a rush as she grappled with the heaviness in her chest—memories of her parents' untimely death flooding back from her childhood. She couldn't believe her uncle had brought it up so casually, oblivious to the pain it stirred within her. "Aish," she muttered in Korean, hitting the seat before leaning back, eyes fixed outside. 


Her mind drifted to a distant memory of herself at ten, laughing with her parents near a fountain. It felt like another lifetime, yet the ache in her heart remained fresh each time she thought of them.


After a while, her phone chimed, breaking the melancholy reverie. She wiped away the tears, retrieved her phone from her handbag, and checked the message from her Grandma.


Grandma Song:

I apologize for your Uncle's insensitive remarks. If you're committed to this venture, look to the last page of the folder and contact the business card attached. He can assist with the hotel.

Furthermore, the funds have been transferred to your account already—no need to wait until tomorrow.

Wishing you the best of luck, my dear grandchild.


With a sigh, Tiffany reached for the folder and flipped through the papers until she found the business card of a lawyer named Kim Taeyeon. "How can a lawyer help me revive the hotel?" she scoffed, tossing the card aside. "Mr. Jung, please take me to my apartment," she instructed the driver, who complied silently.


Minutes later, the car pulled away, leaving the mansion behind. Meanwhile, a young man in a sharp suit emerged from the estate and approached his own car. Spotting his discarded business card on the ground, he picked it up, scanning the surroundings for clues to its sudden abandonment. "Did someone from the Young family toss this away?" he wondered aloud, shaking his head incredulously before tucking it back into his pocket. Just as he settled into his car, his phone rang, connected to the vehicle's system. "I'm en route, please bear with me, babe," he answered distractedly, without checking the caller ID, beginning his journey with a measured pace.


While driving, he suddenly remembers the voice he heard from the mansion's study room. He was too far but with his unique ultrasonic hearing ability to hear even from a far distance, he was able to catch it.


"How can a lawyer help me revive the hotel?"


"Was that the Young's heiress?" He chuckled softly, amused at the woman's remark about him.







what do you think? other characters will be included in the later chapters.

yes, this will be fantasy/drama/romance genre. 





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