A Tiger in Cat's Pajamas

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Chanyeol's dealing with a curse as best he can, hindered but not deterred by a sneaky fox.


Great. This is just great. Fantastic.

Chanyeol glares at his reflection in the fountain, quietly cursing it, himself, the bug struggling across the water, and the world in general. The distorted ripples can’t hide the reality of his life, now: He, the great guardian tiger Chanyeol, is now just a normal household pussycat.

And it seems to be long-lasting, if not permanent.

Just because he upset some minor goddess. Who invites a tiger to lay on their lap?! He's not a housepet! But noooo. That just broke the poor ickle goddess' squiishy-wishy heart. The jerk can't handle rejection and takes it out on him.

She did look a bit shocked, at least, when he roared his offense and discontent towards her. It was just a moment, then a stormy look rolled in, and she cursed him.

Verbally and magically.


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