The Ex Files

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Kang Seulgi's world turns upside down when her ex-girlfriend, Irene Bae, becomes her new boss — seeking revenge for old wounds.


Back again with my 2nd story after Date Me! 

Hoping to make it a short one: ~10-15 chapters and regular updates. 

This one's gonna be different from Date Me so don't say I didn't warn you :)

Happy Sunday! Enjoy the newest update :)


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Chapter 12: Ouch that last part was 😖 it'll take some time for joohyun to get over her past trauma whenever seulgi shows up late i guess.
Wonder how long they'll last before their secret relationship is not so secret anymore lol
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Chapter 12: Irene’s anxiety and fear about feeling abandoned was quite severe.
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Chapter 11: I did think the previous version was too rushed so I’m glad to read the new and improved version. Joohyin blushed too much when she was teased by Jennie for my liking 🧐
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Chapter 12: Can’t wait for the fun and cute date! Yay! 🧡
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Chapter 12: I’m quite glad that Seulgi witnessed the trauma and scars that Irene has been going through since that break-up. She really needs to see that to get some reality check.
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Chapter 12: They're really gonna have to work hard to get over their past
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Chapter 12: Awww , Irene 🥲
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Chapter 12: SEATED
Chapter 12: Finally! An update on my favorite Seulrene AU. I love how the story is progressing and how affectionate they are with each other. Let me breakdown:

Jealous Moments Between Irene and Seulgi: The interactions where Irene and Seulgi experience jealousy were particularly engaging. These moments added depth to their characters and relationships, making the story more compelling.

Conveying the Effect of Past Mistakes: Author-nim skillfully illustrated how past mistakes influence the characters' present behavior and decisions.

Trauma of Being Left Again Strikes Joohyun: Author-nim also portrayed Joohyun's emotional struggle with the fear of abandonment. This aspect of the story highlighted the lasting impact of past traumas on her psyche, making her character more relatable and empathetic.

For this, I. AM. SO. EXCITED. FOR. THE. NEXT. CHAP! 😍SEULRENE 1st ever date after getting back together💛💝

The story deserves more upvotes and subscribers! Keep it up, author-nim! 😎

Please update the story regularly. 🥺🙏🐻🐰
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Chapter 11: Oh yes together again! Can't wait for seulrene dating era! 🧡