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Hot spring love 🦋🩵
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Jeonghan woke up dizzy, held his head, and looked at the different room, flashback memories flashed in his mind and he squeezed the pillow hiding his face.

He did it, he did it with Seungcheol.

He passed out during too, they did for so long and his stamina ran out.

He looked around, hair messy.

Where is he?!

What time is it?!

He looked at the darkness out and assumed it was already past sunset time.

He kept hugging the blanket unable to sit up, back hurt him, " You awake?!"

Jeonghan looked at the man coming in with a bathrobe, must have showered as he approached him and sat on the bed, holding his hair and it gently.

Jeonghan blushed.

Can't look at his eyes.

He laid close to him and sighed surprising the cutie.

" I slept along till 5:30 PM, you know the Thai massage was very good."

Jeonghan blushed madly.

He was so embarrassed and shy.

Despite it being his first time he had so much pleasure and forgot himself, " I-I have to go, appa must be worried." 
That he didn't come back to work at reception.

" Don't worry about it, I told your dad that you were a little bit tired and that you're resting here."

Jeonghan looked at the hour on the wall.

It's 8:30 PM.

He slept that long?!

" I'm sorry I pushed you hard didn't I?!" He said gently caressing the lad's soft hair and looking into his beautiful eyes.

" N-n-no I'm good."

The man smiled there.

" Was that your first time Jeonghan?!"

The younger nodded and his face red.

" I'm happy to be your first."

Jeonghan bit his lips, kept hiding under the blanket and the man chuckled.

" Don't be scared, I won't attack you again."

Jeonghan blushing.

" I-i-i wanna go home."

The man saw the younger, he must be still confused and nervous after what happened so he can't blame him.

" Okay, Jeonghan."

He sat closer.

Jeonghan hesitantly held onto him as he picked him up.

Was it just like a nightstand?!

A Temporary Relationship.

buddy relationship?!

The lad looked at the man while he walked him to their flat.

He's calm, He's not saying anything either.

The younger was flushing, heart beating fast.

" Jeonghan, I might get busy these days so take my contact from your father's phone and text me." He said gently putting the lad on the sofa after reaching and entering as Hannie pressed the password.

He bites his lips innocently.

Nodded shyly.

The man kneeled over and held the lad's chin.

" look at me."

He screamed mentally, did that and the man smiled.

" I'm sorry if I did it against your well earlier, but I enjoyed it."

Jeonghan blushed.

" I-i-i enjoyed it too."

Crab, he's stuttering a lot.

He was afraid to ask him about their relationship afraid to be rejected.

The man patted his hair there.

" I'll get going now."

The younger nodded and looked at the man standing after looking at him lovingly.

Jeonghan blushing, saw him going and he felt something weird in his heart.

He doesn't want him to go.


He'll feel lonely.

But he didn't want to sound clingy after just having .

As he heard the man leaving, Jeonghan laid down and grabbed onto the blanket he always keeps on the sofa.

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