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The father was feeding his son three types of medicine and Seungcheol looking, curiously looking as if some medicine was like a herb and one worked as a killer, the other one as a vitamin.

The boy wasn't even able to stay awake for dinner time when he laid down, " Cheol-shi, I'm sorry." He murmured weakly as he dozed off.

What is he apologizing for?

His father came back with a tray of dinner and sat over.

" Sorry young man, I had to give my son his medicine, he was born with a weak body and heart."Β 
Seungcheol looked at the dinner, there were many different plates, and the soup looked very delicious.

" It's fine, but is he going to be okay without dinner ?!"

The father bites his lips.

" I'll put his food for him to heat when he's awake, there comes a time when he can't handle staying awake like this."

The father looked sad there and worried, "Where is his room?! I'll carry him there."

He offered gently, the father looked at the tough man.

" Aigoo I will be grateful."

Seungcheol smiled, stood up, and picked up the lad easily, the father was taken aback by how strong this man seemed, Jeonghan looked like a feather on his arm, so he led him to the room and opened the door.

He put the boy on the comfy bed and covered him.

" Aigoo thank you so much dear, what was your name again?!"

Seungcheol smiled.

" I'm Choi Seungcheol."

The old man smiled softly.

" You're our customer now, feel free to ask for anytime massage or any service, I will give you a big discount." The man said as he smiled.

" Thank you, I appreciate it."

They had dinner together that day and because it was so late, the old man offered for Seungcheol to spend the night in one of the rooms for free.

The mafia boss couldn't reject the man as he was tired so he took a room close to the flat the owner and his son were in.


He laid on the bed and looked at the ceiling, spacing and remembering the boy.

" Even a pretty boy like him can be ill, the world is unfair."

He murmured while falling asleep.



9:30 AM, the man was awake brushing his teeth by a new brush set in every room and did a skincare stuff by the sink.

When he heard the small knocking on his door.

He walked over and opened the door, but had to look down from his height.

It was Jeonghan, he was holding a tray of breakfast and he was blushing.

" G-good morning cheol-shi, I brought your breakfast, I-i wanted to thank you for last night and I'm sorry for sleeping off all of sudden." He murmured shyly trying too hard to avoid looking at the topless man's amazing chest and abs.

He held the tray and placed it on the table.

" Thanks, buddy, don't worry about it, how do you feel today?!"

Jeonghan nodded innocently.

" I'm better~."

He was about to leave when the man grabbed his wrist.

" Sit and eat with me if you didn't eat yet."Β 
He said gently and the younger sat shyly.

" Thank you, Appa's busy setting things up and cleaning the shower spot with another servant, he told me not to help him because I'm still sick." He pouted, saying that and taking a bite from the club sandwich his father made.

Seungcheol all ears as he sips on his coffee.

" I-I was born with a weak body and heart so I didn't finish my studies and Appa offered me a job here in his hot spring resort, it's an inherited resort."

He smiled, the mafia man found himself all ear despite that he wasn't someone who heard others.

" I have to take medicine regularly the doctor wrote for me so I won't have to be weak all day."

He saw the man quiet so he thought he was bothered by all his talk, so Jeonghan bit his lips.

" I-I'm sorry for saying something like this, I will go n-now."Β 
The man placed his cup of coffee down.

" It must have been hard on you."Β 
Jeonghan flinched, he held back his tears.

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