Love at first sight πŸ¦‹

Hot spring love πŸ¦‹πŸ©΅
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On a stressful long day, Seungcheol, a handsome mafia boss around his early thirties was driving his way back home after one hell of a mission. While driving before his other partners and followers, he took another road telling them he would go somewhere before him.

But he just wanted to chill at this hot spring resort he caught while driving, he parked his car and looked at the resort's title.

" , my body aching." He was very exhausted, so he got out of his car and closed it before he walked to the hot spring, which was about to close, the reception woman flushed looking at the man entering, he was very handsome, tough, and big, his height almost 200 cm?!

She was in disbelief.

" I'm entering for a public bath, how much does it cost here ?!"

The woman nodded.

" It cost 20 dollars with a room for the night." She smiled, Seungcheol pulled out 50 dollars giving her and he walked eventually to the bath by the lead of another worker.

" Y-young man your m-money." She looked at the 50 dollars.

He looked super tired and somehow depressed?!




He cleaned up his body well before he slid the door to the outdoor hot spring, looked at the sight, and somehow he felt much better cause the hot spring bath was worth it, the view was incredible.

He entered inside and moaned, the hot water healing his exhausted body and it hit differently after such a long hard day.

His topless chest showed some old scars and a new one could be seen, the man spaced alone, it's almost 3:20 AM, and no one was inside the public bath except him, till he heard the door sliding, another customer?!

Seungcheol didn't even turn to look, he just chilled alone till the person slid into the hot spring, "Excuse me." The person said softly and the careless man bowed his head too but as the fog faded a lot from the person's side.

The mafia man found himself in disbelief seeing the sight in front of him, it was a young white as snow man., he flushed as the man stared at him for long unconsciously of himself.

He cleared his throat and looked away soon and his heart beat so fast, wondered what the hell was wrong with him, Was he too tired that he was imagining this person as an angel?! He's just too bright.

Is he real?!

" I-I didn't think someone was here, I'm sorry for coming all of a sudden." He said and his voice suited his beautiful face.

" It'

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