Chapter 6

My Lucky Stars [HIATUS]


The deafening beat of a bass and piercing shrieks of a synthesizer found me on the floor beside my bed, wincing and massaging my bruised tailbone.  I felt my eyes begin to water as I picked myself up and limped over to the door.  As much as I wanted to cover my ears and protect my brain from exploding due to the racket that emanated from just outside my room, both of my hands were otherwise occupied, already clamped tight on my and rubbing at the sore part of my bone that had collided with the floor.

"What the ," I muttered, glancing at the digital clock that sat on the bedside table.  It read '7:23.'  No way was I about to get out of bed before eleven.

As I made my way slowly to the door, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror that stretched its way across the entire length of the west wall.  I cursed my dad's genes silently.  I had inherited his thin, wispy hair, making it all-too-easy for it to fall flat against my scalp whenever the slightest amount of pressure was applied to any part of my head.  What really caught my attention, though, were the deep, dark circles that seemed to settle in beneath my eyes.  I looked like the living dead.

Which is why that music needs to shut up so I can catch up on the sleep I've lost for the past two years.

I wrenched the door open, ready to yell at whoever was responsible for the bruise on my tailbone, which only continued to grow more painful with every passing second.  I could feel the vibrations of the music beneath my feet, the rhythmic pulses that danced through the air seemingly shaking the entire building.  It was a wonder the other tenants didn't knock on the door to curse at us or worse, call the police.

The hallway was empty, absent of any life.  My eyes, however, strayed to Chanyeol's open door.  The door was open halfway, its light flooding the hallway with unnatural beams of red, yellow, and purple fluorescence.  I squinted slightly, straining my ears to identify the music that was being blasted.

"Purple line, let me setup my world.
No one else has ever walked this way.
Embrace your dreams and keep searching for the way to live;
My progression to be "me"
With your strong feelings in hand, show that you can seize victory.
A purple line of passion."

Purple line?  By TVXQ? What is he, some SM Entertainment fan boy?

I smirked to myself as I crept closer to the open door.  I heard small grunts and heavy breathing.  I held in my laughter.  What was the kid doing?  I had to keep my volume down, as much as I was tempted to burst out in unsightly guffaws.  I didn't want to imagine what kind of stuff he did in his room...alone.

Quit being erted. I smirked to myself again, curving my lips inward and pushing them together to mute my laughter.  The people at Incheon Academy had corrupted my innocent mind.

I tiptoed towards the open door, pressing my back against the hallway wall.  A loose floorboard let out a soft moan of indignation as I stepped on its weakening body.  I paused, allowing the sound to be followed by a few moments of silence, accented with the blasting music that continued to play.  I gradually inched my way over to the door frame and peeked in, convincing myself that if he caught me creeping, he would turn into some monster straight from hell and rip my head off.  That was enough of an incentive not to get caught.

The babble that filled my head faded, however, when I realized what Chanyeol was really doing.  His bed had been pushed to the farthest wall, right below the window.   All of his furniture - his desk, pull-out cough, and bookshelf - had been shoved carelessly out of the way to clear the middle of the room.  I pulled my eyes away from the clutter that surrounded the center of the moss green carpet to watch Chanyeol.

I watched, my eyes growing wider with every second, as his body moved in ways only some people were capable of, the pulse of the music evident with every wave that ran smoothly up and down his tall frame.  His sharp movements and perfectly choreographed gestures were solid; practiced to perfection.  Though no sound came out, his lips moved, silently speaking the lyrics of the song while he danced.  His eyes were downcast, obviously focusing hard on each and every detail which he incorporated into his movements.  I couldn't pull my eyes away, my gaze locked on the solidity of his routine.

I backed away unsteadily and headed back to my room, my face pulled down in a grimace.  He was good.  Really good.  I knew I was good, too, but if Luhan and I were up against Chanyeol, an evident dancing machine, and Kyungsoo who, I hated to admit, had one hell of a voice, then it was going to be a lot harder to get into SM than I had originally thought.

I slipped back into my room and went straight to my phone.  I flipped it open and hit the number one speed dial.  Luhan and I had some major panicking to do.  If we were still planning on doing the routine together, we needed to practice, or else there was no way we were going to be able to compete with Chanyeol and Kyungsoo.

Damn you, Sehun.  Not all of us can be adorable like you and get scouted while walking home from school.  It's not that easy for the rest of us.  This world is ing screwed up.

The phone continued to ring, eventually going to Luhan's voicemail.

"Hey, you've reached Luhan!  Sorry I can't come to the phone right now.  Just leave your name and-"

I hung up and chucked the phone onto the floor, not moving an inch as the back cover broke off and skittered away.  I just stood there, looking at my broken phone, panic making its way into me and spreading like a disease.  As I thought about it, I realized the audition was only a month away.  If we were going to get our act together, we needed to start right then and there.

I turned and grabbed my iPod from the side table, unlocking it swiftly and going to the playlist title 'Audition.'

So much for sleeping in 'til eleven.




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