sweet blood
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3rd PPOV. 


The night for the 6 of them started a little late as they got busy with their own phones. Not gonna lie, they were too busy looking for a movie to watch that's available on Netflix. It's kinda hard to find a good movie on this app, as per Aeri. 


They finaly found a good one and Yeji asked all of them to put their phones aside so they could focus on the movie. Everyone did what the 'Mother of the group' asked. 


Before the movie starts, RJ went to the kitchen to get an icecream for herself. She opened the tub of an icecream but she couldn't scoop it out of the container as it was too hard and too frozen to get it. 


Doing with so much force for trying to scoop the icecream, her spoon slipped through her hand giving herself a little scratch on her fingers which immediately bleeded. 


"Guys, ayoko na mag icecream! Nananakit 'yung kutsara nila Rina!" She complained loudly, enough for her friends to hear her tantrums. 


Her gf, Yeji, went right away to see her little scratch and pinching it more to bleed to annoy her girlfriend. 


"RJ, may lalabas dyan na train, hala ka!" Ning and RJ just gave her a middle finger gesture. 


Karina laughed at the banter, not realizing that the girl beside her was panting. When the two girls from the kitchen went back to their seat, it's just then when they realize that Winter was having a hard time. 


Aeri immediately went to her cousin to calm her down as the blood smell is becoming too strong 'cause RJ is now back infront of them. 


"Aki, you need to calm down." She whispered. 


Winter doesn't seem to recognize her cousin's voice as she was too engrossed and almost revealing herself as a vampire because of the fresh blood smell. 


Her body is becoming weak as if she needs to drink a fresh blood to make herself more stronger. Her thirst from blood almost made her faint, but she was able to supress the hunger from fresh human blood.


"Babe, are you okay?" Karina asked, whispering. She did not even realized what she called W

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Chapter 26: Bago ka magselos Karina asan ba muna ang karapatan 😂. siguro 🤔 favorite food ni Karina ang adobong sobra sa selos kulang sa karapatan
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Chapter 27: Anghel siguro tong si rina eh
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Chapter 27: Jalosi jalosi ang ating papi delikado yan 🤣 kung ano man meron energy si Alanna.. sana.....
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Uy update
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Chapter 26: Ano ka teh Kars hahah werewolf kaba para mag rawr ka nlng next time pag may lumalapit kay Win hahahaah
Chapter 26: siguro dyosa sya.... ng buhay ko😏
Chapter 26: manghuhula?
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Chapter 26: Daming cs ahh HQHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
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Chapter 26: Fear
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Chapter 25: Grabe naman yang holding hands 🤝 na yan roomates pa rin ba kayo sa lagay na yan🤔 😂.