sweet blood
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3rd PPOV


The two of them sat in silence, waiting for one another to open up a conversation but no one tries to break the silence except Karina couldn't hold it in any longer. 


With the thoughts running through her mind, she has a lot of questions to ask on her roommate who was still silent beside her. 


"Alam mo, nakakainis ka!" She grumpily pushed Winter a bit because fo annoyance, while Winter who was taken a back looked at her with a confused face. 


Winter didn't bother to answer and just let Karina finish her yapping. 


"Kaninang pagkauwi natin hindi mo ako pinapansin! Tapos bigla mo akong hahalikan!" Frustrated, Karina has a lot of things in her mind right now. She's sensitive and emotional. And for what reason? Jealousy. 


"Ang lakas ng loob mong halikan ako samantalang may humalik nga sa pisngi mo kanina!" She's in the verge of crying and what she said finally made Winter realize something. 


"Is that why you've been giving me cold shoulders?" Winter asked her, trying to confirm her speculations about Karina's action earlier. 


Karina didn't answer and lowered down her head because of embarassment. It made Winter smile knowing the reason why her roommate has been acting like a whole jealous girlfriend. 


"It was nothing, Karina.." She tried to tame Karina who was about to punch her in the face but what she said didn't satisfy Karina. 


Wala lang daw pero nakangiti pa nung hinalikan sa pisngi? Wala mo muka mo! Karina thought. 


She couldn't say her thoughts outloud because it might make Winter hate her for saying those things to her, if ever. 


"Dun ka nga! Matutulog na ako!" Karina tried to leave but she couldn't because Winter was holding her hand with a strong grasp, not wanting her to leave. 


"Raise your voice once more and I'll make sure to give you a reason to lose that loud voice of yours, Alanna." Winter tried to warn her roommate but Karina didn't even budge one bit, instead, she got a lot more grumpy than earlier. 


"Isa pa 'yang Alanna na 'yan! Allaine ang pangalan ko, Winter. Allaine." She emphasized her name making sure that Winter heard it right and stops calling her Alanna. 


Karina is really annoyed today because so many things happened between her and her roommate

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Chapter 26: Bago ka magselos Karina asan ba muna ang karapatan 😂. siguro 🤔 favorite food ni Karina ang adobong sobra sa selos kulang sa karapatan
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Chapter 27: Anghel siguro tong si rina eh
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Chapter 27: Jalosi jalosi ang ating papi delikado yan 🤣 kung ano man meron energy si Alanna.. sana.....
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Uy update
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Chapter 26: Ano ka teh Kars hahah werewolf kaba para mag rawr ka nlng next time pag may lumalapit kay Win hahahaah
Chapter 26: siguro dyosa sya.... ng buhay ko😏
Chapter 26: manghuhula?
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Chapter 26: Daming cs ahh HQHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
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Chapter 26: Fear
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Chapter 25: Grabe naman yang holding hands 🤝 na yan roomates pa rin ba kayo sa lagay na yan🤔 😂.