Night Duty

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a winrina au wherein Karina is a Grim reaper whose task is to catch evil souls, stumbled upon a competitive detective Winter who is eager to climb up the ranks.


Karina Cruz

  • pretty face with anger issues
  • a grim reaper of course she's always dressed in black

Winter Esguerra

  • the young competitive detective
  • cute tiny gumball

Ningning Enriquez

  • Winter's bff, partner and most trusted company
  • a tiny goofball

Giselle Valdez - Giselle

  • Karina's partner
  • only her can handle Karina's temper as of the moment
  • badass grim reaper



Just a few reminders:

  • this is a work of fiction
  • all the names, characters, places and events are a product of the author’s imagination
  • in any case there are resemblances to actual persons and events are purely coincidental
  • this story doesn’t reflect the portrayers
  • hope you’ll enjoy this au :)


​​​​​so...i lost my old account which contains my yoonyul fanfics and have to create a new one for winrina :( anyways, this will be written in english. if you are looking for taglish au, i have one in twitter. you can check it here "Love is..."




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