Chapter 3

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Joohyun whisked me away from all the chaos at the Churchill Mansion. She placed me, presumably, in her car, and we drove until we reached the outskirts of town.

I'm not sure how long I dozed off, but when I woke up, we were atop a mountain, gazing down at the twinkling city lights.

Slowly opening my eyes, I found Joohyun beside me.

Yet, just like before, I sensed... a difference this time.

"J-Joohyun?" I ventured tentatively.

The person beside me shot me a glare.

But she remained silent.

Though I could see her struggling to maintain her composure.

Then, she leaned in closer to me...

It felt like one misstep, and our lips would meet.

I swallowed nervously.

She smelled really good.

Reaching for my face, she tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear.

"Are you okay, Seulgi?" she asked, her tone cold yet gentle.

"Y-yeah... How about you, Joohyun?" I replied.

"I'm starting to feel offended with you keep calling me Joohyun," the girl smirked.

"H-huh?" I asked, utterly confused.

She cupped my face, staring directly into my eyes.

"Look at me, Seulgi... I don't want you to ever mistake me for Joohyun ever again... Look into my eyes, and remember... This is me... Not Joohyun... but Irene... I should've saved you then... but I won't let something like that ever happen again..." Irene said to me, deadly serious.

What the hell is she talking about? I'm utterly confused.

So, she's Irene? The girl from the bar? Is this some kind of prank?

I know Irene and Joohyun looked exactly the same but... 

Is she playing with me?!

or Irene and Joohyun really the same person?

But how!?

I noticed her noticing the confusion on my face.

She patted my head...

"It's hard to understand, I know... but don't worry... Joohyun won't be here for long..." Irene said, smirking.

"W-what do you mean?" I pondered.

"You don't have to worry about that... Just stay beside me." She smiled.

What the hell, I'm so confused as .

And what the hell happened in the Churchill Mansion.. My mom, for Christ's sake!

"A-anyway, what just happened in the mansion? Is my mom still there?"

"Ohh that... I heard someone tried to kill someone in there... but all the guests have been evacuated... I also answered a call from your mom... I told her you're fine..." Irene explained.

The rich really have an overdramatic lives...

"T-thanks.." I replied.

"Let's go on a date!" Irene said, her smile dazzling.

I furrowed my brows in confusion. "N-now?"

"Yeah... Unlike you, I don't have much time for now," Irene replied casually as she started the car.

I stole a glance at Irene, noting how even though she wore clothes similar to Joohyun's, her aura was entirely different.

"Am I that beautiful?" Irene smirked, catching me off guard with her question.

I blushed.

She's definitely not Joohyun.

"I just don't understand... Joohyun and you are the same person?" I asked, frustration lacing my voice.

"No, we're not..." Irene's tone was resolute.

I groaned inwardly. I knew I wouldn't get the answer I wanted.

Despite Irene's strong presence, there was a subtle hint of sadness in her eyes when I stared at them earlier. It was a contradiction that unsettled me, adding to my confusion.

"Where are we going?" I asked, hoping for some clarity.

"Let's go to the amusement park... I've always wanted to go there with you," Irene replied, her smile transforming her intimidating demeanor into something almost childlike.

I couldn't help but be taken aback by this unexpected side of her. I had always seen her as a formidable and intimidating figure, but now she seemed... different.

But what caught my attention was that she said she ALWAYS wanted to go there with me?

"You say that as if you've known me for a long time... Didn't we only meet at the bar?" I questioned, trying to make sense of her cryptic behavior.

She scoffed, a hint of annoyance flickering in her eyes, but she remained silent.

Why is this girl so mysterious? The question lingered in my mind as we continued on our way, the enigma of Irene only deepening with each passing moment.

We arrived at the amusement park in the city center, and I realized it had been ages since I last visited.

I couldn't help but feel a rush of excitement.

As soon as we got out of Irene's car, she grabbed my hand and dragged me to the gift shop.

She swiftly picked out a bear headband and placed it on my head, then selected a bunny one for herself.

I couldn't contain my laughter.

Irene looked at me with furrowed brows, clearly puzzled by my reaction.

"I'm sorry... it's just that... really, a bunny? You?" I chuckled.

Her face flushed red, and she attempted to remove her headband, but I stopped her.

"Stop, don't take it off... It's cute," I reassured her, trying to suppress my amusement.

"You're making fun of me... I don't

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Chapter 4: awww fluffy and cute moments with 🐻Seulgi and Irene 🐰
flowersemm #2
Chapter 4: Irene looks so genuine towards Seulgi but Seulgi only likes joohyun 🥺 this is so messy and i like it 🫶🏻
970 streak #3
Chapter 4: Ohhh I think naalala ni Irene or hindi niya naman talaga nakalimutan kung sino si Seulgi.
Na curious tuloy ako sa pov ni Irene hmmm
970 streak #4
Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Ohhh right si Joohyun and Irene ay iisa!! Maybe lumalabas lang si Irene kapag nakaramdam ng panganib si Joohyun. Marahil nabuo ito nung time na na kidnapped sila.

Authornim ano po nangyari sa I MADE THE HEROINE FALL FOR ME?? Naka-invite only na lang po yun??
bumbaboi #5
Chapter 3: Damn, this story is very interesting. Can't wait to read more. Seulgi here definitely has more alpha vibes, although it's not this system hahahahah.
Chapter 3: WHOA!!! MULTI UNIVERSE?!!!! 🐻🐰
Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is usually caused by past trauma. As we saw in the prologue, both Juhyunie and Seulgi suffered traumatic experiences during their younger years when they were kidnapped. So, that explains and triggers Juhyunie to switch between alters, or identities. 🤔🔄🔃
I remembered there's also a Seulrene story that features DID, with Seulgi's character having it, but here it's Irene/Juhyunie, so I'm hyped to see how this will be explored throughout the story.🤓
Welp, This is going to be Thrilling! Captivating! Intriguing! I. AM. HERE. FOR. IT. 😌🙏

Again, Congrats for the feature Author-nim😎
flowersemm #7
Chapter 3: Joohyun and Irene is the same person?! I think that’s why Joohyun is at the psychiatric clinic because of personality disorder or sumth???
flowersemm #8
Chapter 2: Chapter 2: woah I’m so excited about that as well! 😻😻
970 streak #10
Chapter 2: Woah this is pretty interesting!!
So hindi na nila maalala ang isa't -isa??