"What more do you want from me?!"

Mayra's voice pierced the night, the sky mirroring her feelings and releasing droplets of pure sadness and misery.  The wetness on her face couldn't be identifies as tears or rain.  The darkness that flowed through the evening seemed to sink into her voice and make her pleading tone stab at the silence that surrounded her, save but the sound of the rain and her own heart-wrenching sobs.

"How long do I have to wait for you?!"

Her desperate screams reached no one's ears.  She yelled into the night, ignoring the growing dampness of her hair and clothes.  Nothing mattered except him; them; what had been.

Mayra remained five steps outside her balcony door and gazed up at the sky.  she blinked away the tears and raindrops that pelted her face.  After so many years without him, her complexion had faded, leaving nothing but a lifeless, hopeless expression of eternal sorrow.

"Why did you lie to me?! Why did you make a promise you knew you would never be able to keep?!"

Her gaze sank down to the silver band that hugged the soft flesh of her left index finger.  Its brilliance lit up the darkness, serving as a beacon of hope in the most desperate of times.  But that light was fading with every day that passed; every day that Mayra waited and wandered the earth, wondering when he would return to his rightful place by her side.

She lifted her right hand slowly to gently the smooth metal surface of the ring.  Her expression relaxed from bitter hatred to soft tenderness, curving up into a sad smile.  The light that filled her eyes, once so luminous, came back for just a moment as she recalled the precious memories that accompanied the mere sight of the ring.

"This isn't just a ring," Taemin whispered into Mayra's ear, her back comfortingly.  "This is a promise.  I promise I will never leave you.  I promise I will always be here for you. I promise I will love you forever."

"Don't make promises that you might end up regretting," Mayra warned, her tone serious.  "You never know what might happen."

"I will never regret the time I spend with you.  Trust me.  I have faith in this.  In us.  So you have faith in me when I say that I will forever keep this promise."

"Fine," she said, burying her face in the crook of Taemin's neck in resignation.  "I'll hold you to it."

The tears that spilled from Mayra's eyes were endless, flowing down to the bottom of her pale, beautiful face and dripping slowly to the awaiting cement that lingered below.  With one swift movement, she pulled the ring off her finger and flung it over the edge of the balcony.  Her eyes traced the silvery path of his forgotten promise as it arced perfectly and disappeared from its previous place, nestled into placed on her finger.

Taemin, she thought to herself as she collapsed to the floor in a heap of misery.  Something was ripping at her heart, tearing at it from the inside, and wrenching it apart at the already broken seams.

You promised me.  Why did you have to make that promise?  Why did you have to make me believe in you?

Why did you have to die?

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