Love in all Forms

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A series of one-shot and short story collections




Leave me some prompt ideas for one shots/short stories :)

One shots and the first chapter of a short story will not be crowdfunded. The rest will.

And please leave comments! Love reading them after I finish up a story



1. Grand Prix Final (Wenrene):

2. College life (Wenrene):


Currently Writing 

A Hufflepuff and Slytherin (Wenrene):

The Daughter of Time: 

It's hard writing 2 stories at once 😅I'm going to focus on my main story but I'll come back to this once it's finished!


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Santa_Clause 0 points #1
Chapter 12: Wahhh this story is really interesting TT, fantasy and especially Harry Potter Au is sooo cooooll.. I hope that you'll continue this Author-nim!!! Fighting! I like your writing style be the way hehe
1744 streak #2
Chapter 12: Harry Potter au here we go!
Chapter 11: Wow I'm loving this new story 😍
Riscark #4
Chapter 11: Out of your comfort zone and yet you already nails it from the first chap, can't wait for more hehe
Xhoxlgyit #5
Chapter 11: Wow love this! Can't wait for the next Part🥰
1744 streak #6
Chapter 8: Wow that's very bold of Irene lol
Riscark #7
Chapter 8: Damnnnnn, talk about being bold 🫣
Riscark #8
Chapter 7: Their chemistry tho, got me blushing like I'm the one being pursued hehe 🫣
Jfludjzekze #9
Chapter 9: A Hufflepuff & Slytherin is already my FAVOURITE 😍💙🩷