My 26th Shutter: The mistake was a white lie..

Love with a Shutter

(Wondering what's up with Taemin and Min Ah? Here it goes..)



*Back to High School 2nd year*


KK and YS already graduated and Taemin was Min Ah's Sunbaenim.

Taemin fell in love with Min Ah and wanted to go on a date with her, finally he had the courage to ask..

“Min Ah, are you free this saturday?” Taemin asked shyly.

Min Ah nodded her head, “Ne sunbae, I am free.” Min Ah replied.



Taemin blushed and looked at Min Ah, “Could you go on a movie date with me? Uh erm, I had two free tickets and so I am thinking whether do you want to come along with me?” He said.

Min Ah smiled, “Jinjja? What movie was that?” She asked.

Min Ah then mentioned that she was willing to go, “So you agreed? Jinjja? Then we shall see each other this saturday.”He said.




And on the day of the movie date..

Min Ah and Taemin had a perfect moviedate and it was then..

“Min Ah, what do you think About me as a guy?” Taemin asked.



Min Ah looked at Taemin, “Oppa is a very nice guy, really.” She replied.

“Min Ah, can you accept me as your boyfriend?” He asked. 

That was actually before Taemin was going to debut as SHINee..



Min Ah shook her head, “Mianhae oppa, loving me is a mistake.. Mianhae.” And then Min Ah left the cinema.

It was that a Sunbae loved Taemin and she even warned Min Ah not to go to the movie date with him.

(Our innocent Min Ah~)



And after that day, Taemin debuted and Min Ah don't really see him in school till the final semester examination but they didn't meet up or said anything.

Till now, they met up and he already was someone so charismatic on stage and had the chance to showcase his singing and dancing.




*Back to present*

Min Ah met all the other SHINee members, “Min Ah, are you here with your University friends?” Taemin asked.

I nodded, (I really did come with my Uni friends)

“Why not stay for dinner? Is that okay with you?” Minho asked.

I thought for awhile, it would be better for me to not go back first since I can't really face DJ now..




“Can I? I should help with the preparation.” I said while smiling.

Onew shook his head, “Aniyo, you are our guest today, you shouldn't be doing the cooking. Taemin, you should sit here and show some hospitality.” Onew said.

Jonghyun came out with a glass of fruit juice, “Here you go.” He said.

“Kamsahamnida.” I said with beautiful smile.




“Min Ah, you still looked beautiful. Jinjja yeppeo.” Taemin said as he ruffled my hair gently.

I looked at him, “Sunbaenim, did you also say this kind of words to the girls out there?” I asked with disbelief.

He shook his head, “Aniyo, Those words are only meant for you.” Taemin was really serious when he said this.

I looked away slightly, *MA's POV: Why must all these happen now..?*

I am really confused with all the sudden love confessions that were going on.




Jonghyun looked at me, “Min Ah, gwaenchana?” He asked.

I nodded and just then my phone rang, #Fiction#


~DongWoon Oppa~


I picked up the phone, “Oppa?” I asked.

“Min Ah, neo eodieyo? I am outside now. I am really worried.” DW really was worried.

“Mianhae oppa, I am fine. I met my sunbaenim, where are you now?” I asked.

“I will go look for you, which chalet house are you at?” DW asked.



I covered the receiver of my phone and asked Taemin oppa, “Erm, number 5.” I then replied.

“Okay, I am on my way there, meet me at the door, okay?” DW asked.

“Ne.” And we ended the call.




Taemin looked at me, “Your oppa called?” Taemin asked.

“Mianhae oppa, I have to leave now.” I said.

Taemin shook his head,“Gwaenchana, Let me send you to the doorstep.” Taemin said.



And as we reach the doorstep, DW arrived..

What will happen then? When DW saw Min Ah with SHINee's Taemin, Jealousy arouses...


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Hmm...what if the three really switched roles for wgm?

Wouldn't it be interesting?
Why are they sharing rooms at the end? No enough room eh?
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