[Final] My 100th Shutter (Final Part) : The Shutters will Continue

Love with a Shutter


Seven years later...
“Appa~~ Yoonie took my lollipop again~~” And we see that little boy whining to her Abeoji once again.
The girl that was bring pointed looked at his Abeoji with crystal-clear doe-like eyes, “Appa~~ Did I do anything wrong again?” She asked in a really cute way.
She looked just like a doll, wearing a dress and they are all out on a picnic.
KiKwang carried the girl and looked at her, “Aniyo my darling Yoonie, KiChan, why can't you give in a little to your dongsaeng?” The Abeoji chided a little, well, obvious KiKwang is biased towards the daughter.
“Lee KiKwang! How many times have I told you not to show bias-ness towards KiYoon! She would grow up as a spoilt girl.” And the Eommeoni of the the cute-looking children appeared just then.
KiKwang gave his darling wife a kiss on her cheek, “But you do side KiChan a lot as well. I am just being fair.” He said.
Chae Rin held KiChan's hand, “Come on KiChan, Eomma shall bring you to find Min Ah gomo.” she said and walks away.
KiKwang looked at his daughter enjoying the lollipop, “KiYoon, Appa love you.” He said.
KiYoon gave KiKwang a kiss on his cheek, “KiYoon loves Appa too~” Such a sweet smile like her Abeoji and Eommeoni.
Chae Rin came by to me and ranted, “Min Ah~~ KiKwang is showing bias-ness.” She said.
I chukled, “Don't you know that MiKi oppa prefers a daughter than a son?” I said.
Chae Rin knew clearly the reason why. 
"I want a daughter just like you."
Chae Rin remembered clearly when KiKwang told her this.
KiChan grabbed my hand, “Gomo, MiYoon eodieyo?” He asked.
I squat down to reach to kid's eye level, “KiChan, MiYoon should be somewhere else with JunHi, look around then.” I said.
KiChan pouted, “Why is MiYoon always with JunHi? What's so great about rapping? I have got all the cool dance moves that Appa and Eomma taught me.” He said.
Seems like... The jealousy is brewing~~ (Keke)
JunHi and his Abeoji is rapping somewhere else, it was casual and the lyrics just flows through the mind along with their mood.
“Wa~ JunHi, you are really good with rapping! It's so cool~” MiYoon said.
MiYoon wore a white coloured dress, a gentle and soft spoken girl like her Eommeoni. 
I guess that's why JunHi likes being with her and he spends time practicing his rap so as to impress the girl every time they had the chance to meet.
JunHyung gave MiYoon a light pat on her head, “MiYoon ah, you are so beautiful that my son can't take his eyes off you.” He said, teasing both the kids.
“MiYoon~~!” Here comes KiChan.
“KiChannie?” MiYoon asked with a really soothing voice and a sweet smile.
JunHi looked at KiChan, “Yo.” He said.
This kid really inherited the coolness from his Eommeoni.
“JunHyung ah! Bring the kids over!” Soo Ah called for his beloved husband and son.
“Eomma~” JunHi ran over to Soo Ah, “Aigoo~” the Eommeoni carried the son, “Rapping again? So is it impressive enough?” She asked.
“MiYoon said she liked it.” JunHi blushed a little.
“Aigoo~ Feeling shy? You know, your Abeoji really isn't shy when confessing to Eomma.” Soo Ah said.
JunHyung heard it and came by to his wife and son, “I heard it Yeobo.” He said and he left a kiss on Soo Ah's lips and using a hand to cover the son's eyes.
I let out a dry cough, “Alright people, the kids are hungry.” I said.
Just then, DooJoon, YoSeob and HyunSeung came by to join us just in time.
“Hyungdeul, you all are really taking a long time.” DongWoon grudged a little.
“Yah! You being a father and a husband even earlier than me and you dare to be chiding me?” DooJoon said with a serious face but we knew he was just joking.
We chuckled, “Oppadeul, here you go.” I passed them each a bento box which Soo Ah, JunHyung, KiKwang and myself prepared for everyone.
The kids greeted the rest of the B2ST members and we had a great day under the sun..
The future is unpredictable, the kids might be following the parents' footsteps and at the same time they might not.
Well, but I could tell you that the children would have love issues just like their parents, worth looking forward isn't it?
We do hope their love would be sweet like their parents' and also, bear in mind..
Love is silent like a Camera with a Silent shutters, no one knows when and where Love would happen..
So learn to treasure the ones you love, grab the person that made you heart waved and to love without a condition.
Because love has got no reasons, Love is something with the Heart not the Mind.
The Shutters would be continuing and you might the next one!
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