[Final] My 100th Shutter(Part 2-KiChae & JunSoo): The Wedding

Love with a Shutter



And then, eventually the program stopped as we are all busy.
We still visit DongMin now and then.
Soon time flies, a year later, KiKwang and Chae Rin announce that they are dating and even planned to get married!
It struck the public once again with a larger impact.
The whole thing kind of almost got out of control but in the end the fans supported them.
It's good that our fans are supportive.
KiKwang and Chae Rin announced their wedding dates and we invited the sumbaenimdeul to attend.
Of course, the Bridesmate were Soo Ah and I and the Groomsmen were the rest of the B2ST members.
Our relatives were gathered in the church to witness them getting married and to vow their love in front of God.
The priest looked at KiKwang,
“Will you, Lee KiKwang, take this woman, Lee Chae Rin, to be your wedded wife, to live together in the legal estate of matrimony?
Will you love her, comfort her, honour and keep her in sickness and in health and forsaking all others, be faithful to her, so long as you both shall live?”
KiKwang turned and looked at Chae Rin, “Yes, I will.” He said.
The Priest turns to the Bride,
“Will you, Lee Chae Rin, take this man, Lee KiKwang, to be your wedded husband, to live together in the ligal estate of matrimony?
Will you love him, comfort him, honour and keep him in sickness and in health and forsaking all others, be faithful to him, so long as you both shall live?”
“Yes, I will.” Chae Rin said.
Both of them exchanged their rings and they kissed. 
The Wedding Dinner starts at night and many celebrity friends of ours were invited.
Super Junior oppadeul, SNSD unniedeul, EXO oppadeul (and a dongsaeng), 4minute unniedeul, BTOB oppadeul (Inclusive of same age chingu) , G.NA unnie and more.
We wished the couple blessings first, “Komawo.” KiKwang said to his brothers.
“I have never imagined you to be married even before me.” DooJoon sighed, “But still, chukhahamnida!” He said.
KiKwang hugged DooJoon, “Mianhae Hyung, I love Chae Rin too much.” He said and then let go of him so as to hold Chae Rin by her waist.
“Alright then you two, we are letting you off since it's your wedding today.” DooJoon said.
YoSeob sang a sweet love song for the couple and then K.R.Y also dedicated a song for them. 
Not forgetting me and Soo Ah, Soo Ah wrote a poem for them, no doubt that she's a Literature student.
I played on the piano and DongWoon played the Violin, we played a sweet love song for them.
And then when everyone thought that the performance was over, JunHyung appeared on stage playing the keyboard and rapping!
He.. His eyes was fixed on Soo Ah and the words were flashed on the screen behind..
He was confessing! With a rap!
Soo Ah was at a loss, I held her hand an brought her over to the front of the stage.
“And with all my love showered on you, would you marry me?”
JunHyung rapped and knelt down on one knee in front of Soo Ah, with a ring in a box.
Soo Ah was astonished and at a loss of words, JunHyung held her hand,
“Soo Ah, Would you be willing to change your surname to Yong for me?” He asked.
Soo Ah smiled and she nodded, JunHyung smiled and slotted the ring into her third finger and then carried her in a bridal style while turning her rounds and rounds.
We applauded for the couple and they held their wedding soon, a month later.
They cleared schedule and had a month to go on a honeymoon.
Chae Rin and Kikwang decided to go to Japan as it's the Blossoms season now.
As for Soo Ah and JunHyung, they decided to go to London.
“Oppa, let's be buskers for a day.” Soo Ah said, showing her playful side.
Upon hearing, JunHyung smiled, “Buskers? Are you playing the guitar?” JunHyung asked.
Soo Ah nodded, “Or should I choose the ukelele? Oppa, you could rap while I play the tune.” She smiled as she said so.
JunHyung kissed her on the lips, “As long as you are happy.” He said.
They left for their trip while DongWoon and I have a vacation together while roaming around.
We made a trip to visit Halmeoni at the tree house and told her about our wedding date.
She gave me a set of Sapphire Jewel set for the wedding gift, of course I didn't accept it at first.
“It's for you my darling, EunHi wants you to have it as well.” She said.
“Halmeoni, kamsahamnida.” I cried and we hugged before we left the place.
Our wedding is going to take place soon, waiting for MinHyun oppa to be back and we are preparing for it as well.
Got our bridal suits and gowns chosen and Abeoji did the wedding photos for us.
“My daughter had grown up so fast.” Abeoji got sentimental.
“Appa~” I hugged him and told him to not worry about me.
The Honeymoon couple got back from their sweet honeymoon and they were just in time for our wedding.
A few months later, Chae Rin was pregnant.
“Oppa, You are a father now.” Chae Rin said to KiKwang after she got her medical report from the hospital in the afternoons.
KiKwang looked at Chae Rin, “Jinjja? I am becoming a father?” KiKwang smiled, “Yeobo, saranghaeyo.” He was overjoyed.
Chae Rin kind of got a little worried but still slowly the new was spread and Chae Rin's schedule decreased and MyStiCal delayed the release of the new album.
Soo Ah became a host of 'MCountdown' and also she hosted many different shows as replacement MCs.
As for me, I started acting and DongWoon and I acted in the same drama.
KiKwang and Chae Rin had a bubbly boy a year later.
After which a few months later, Soo Ah and JunHyung had a son as well.
Two years later, KiChae couple had a daughter as KiKwang wanted a daughter.
He said, “I want a daughter just like Chae Rin.”
Everyone got their goosebumps..
DongWoon and I had a daughter as well, DongWoon probably is the youngest father in the history of korean celebrities.
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