[Final] My 100th Shutter(Part 1-DongMin): Confession to the public

Love with a Shutter




Everything was spilled during the Hallyu Dream Concert.
Just when the MC were about to end the whole concert, DongWoon held my hand and he went over and took the microphone away from the MC.
“Annyeonghaseyo, Jeo Son DongWoon imnida. Beside me is Seo Min Ah.
I have something to announce to everyone here today, I do not want to be hiding it anymore.” DongWoon said through the microphone.
Everyone was looking at us, “Son DongWoon, I dare you to say another word!” Uncle Kim rushed towards the stage.
I looked up at DongWoon and shook my head, DongWoon just went ahead..
“I love this woman standing right beside me.
From the very first time we met, I knew I loved her.
I thought Angels doesn't appear on Earth but I was totally wrong because, she appeared.”
DongWoon said and then turn to look at me.
“I love this woman for who she is, and I wish we could be able to receive everyone's blessings.”
DongWoon said.
I was shock by DongWoon's actions, Uncle Kim came up to the stage and the reporters are all crowding up to ask questions.
“When did both of you start dating?”
“Do you have plans to get married?”
“Why is it so sudden? Is it just for promotion purpose for the show?”
The guards protected us and pushed the reporters back while we went back to our Artist' Room.
DooJoon locked up the door when everyone is in there.
“Why are you acting so rash! Don't you know it might cause you to lose your stand in the industry?!” Uncle Kim started chiding.
“Samchon..” I wanted to appease him but..
“Don't talk to me! DongWoon, you are forbidden to be out of your room and to stay in there till I say you can come out.” Uncle Kim stormed off.
The rest of the members were shock as well, “DongWoon ah, why didn't you discuss with us?” DooJoon asked.
“I just felt like doing it.” DongWoon said.
DooJoon shook his head, “Okay guys, go get changed. Girls, you all too.” He said.
Chae Rin and Soo Ah were concerned about what had happened, “Did oppa told you anything before this that he had plans to disclose the relationship?” Soo Ah asked.
“Ani, he didn't mention about it.” I said, feeling a little worried.
I am fine with going back to being a normal student studying in school every school day and could still lead my life regularly.
But not for DongWoon, he strived so hard and finally the six of them formed a group called 'B2ST'.
I.. I am at a loss.
Chae Rin gave me a pat, “Don't worry too much, let's see how are the reactions.” She said.
A few days later, the online news are all filled with the news featuring DongWoon and I.
The fans even started a fan-war.
Some supports but quite a substantial number opposes.
My classmates did sent me message saying that they all are supporting us and I felt comforted.
Sent them "Thank you" messages as well.
Rachel unnie told me not to go out these days till everything appeases.
And then Rachel told me, “We have decided to let you and DongWoon be attending a conference whereby you two shall officially be acknowledged as a couple under CEO Hong's consent.” She said.
“Jeongmal?” I asked, letting out a smile which I haven't had for long.
“Ne, get ready. The news is out and tomorrow is the day.” She said.
The next day, Papa Hong spoke to both of us.
“I never knew you two would be the first couple that I have to be officially acknowledging. ” He said, “At first, I thought it would be the KiChae couple.” Papa Hong said.
(Author's POV: Even I thought so too! :p )
“You two are meant to be together, do treasure each other. It seems like Papa Hong is old already, you kids didn't even want to obey what I told you all.” He said.
“Appa Hong..” I held his hand and said, “Mianhae.”
Appa Hong patted my hand, “It's fine, just invite me to your wedding.” He said.
“Definitely.” DongWoon said.
The three of us went out together and Papa Hong addressed his speech, “I hereby acknowledge them to be officially dating.” He said.
The reporters are free to ask questions, “DongWoon ssi, when did you two both meet?”
“During one of our concert.” DongWoon replied.
“And you two fell in love?” 
“We had feelings for each other and had the same interests, I guess that brought us together.” DongWoon replied.
“Min Ah ssi, did you know of DongWoon ssi's plan for disclosing the relationship?”
I shook my head, DongWoon did all the saying, “I planned to disclose our relationship soon and I thought it would be good for both of us if we say it earlier.” He said.
And then the conference ended, the fans decided to support us instead but sadly some left.
DongWoon and I got invited to different talk shows as well, due to us being the hottest topic now.
Some sunbaenim were really shock to know that we are dating and they were amazed by how brave DongWoon was to say those words in front of everyone.
The rest of the B2ST and MyStiCal members recorded a video for us and is played during the LIVE show.
“DongWoon ah, due to you being a special Maknae, we didn't really say but we care a lot for you. I am glad that you and Min Ah are getting along well, take good care of her.” YoSeob said.
“Min Ah, you know how much we loved you. Thank you for being such a great unnie to us, we hope you could be happy with DongWoon oppa as well.” Soo Ah said.
Chae Rin added, “DongWoon oppa, be nice to Min Ah, if not..”
Soo Ah and Chae Rin showed a cool face, “You will get it from us!” They said and then smiled, “Saranghaeyo~”
I was touched to the verge of crying already and slowly they all said touching words to us.
Eventually, Papa Hong is in the video as well, “You two, better stay happy together.” He said.
The MC hand me some tissue, and then the fans sent in a video to wish us as well.
"Forever a Swooner, Forever a Mini and Forever DongMin."
That quote ended the whole video.
DongWoon and I thanked the members and also our beloved fans.
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