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The next day, Both of them were tired last night and hence both woke up late at around lunch time.
They decided to go out for lunch and to treat it as a chance to date.
Both of them decided to catch a movie, Chae Rin chose the genre that she wanted and KiKwang suggested a movie that he thought would be nice to watch.
Both of them attracted quite a crowd but it was quite okay as KiKwang held tight to Chae Rin's hands and not letting her getting hurt in any ways.
The fans squeals as they saw both of them so lovingly, Probably KiChae shippers who came to support them as they are shouting supporting words.
They both smiled for the cameras, “Joesonghaeyo~ we have a movie to catch~ Mianhae, we would really want to have some time with you all as well~” Chae Rin showed an aegyo and then made her way through.
Both of them watch their movie with fans behind looking at them, it felt a little not so comfy but still they don't mind it that much.
They made their way out with the help of the cinema crew and they decided to be back at the company.
They watched their 'TroubleMaker' cover the other day for B2STiCal.
“Oppa, what kind of dance should dance then? For the fans' wish.” Chae Rin asked.
KiKwang started thinking, “I wonder what kind of dance would our fans want us to be dancing to? We did a more y dance here, why not the 'Twinkle' style?” He asked.
KiKwang meant out 'Twinkle' MV, “The cute, skippy kind of old-school style?” Chae Rin asked.
“You know, we could probably sing a song and have a MV for that.” KiKwang said.
“Jeongmal? Jowa~ I could come up with the lyrics!” Chae Rin said, this girl is all hyped up.
KiKwang nodded, “Ne, then that shall be the plan, We shall slowly progress..” He said.
Just then, a mission card arrived.
[To have a couple accessories.
And to tell at least 5 other groups aside from CUBE artistes that you two got married.]
Their mission is tougher as compared to the JunSoo couple, well, JunHyung was really brave when expressing his love for Soo Ah.
“We have our Hallyu Dream Concert tomorrow, there's chance. Rin, what would you like to have as a couple thing?” KiKwang asked.
Chae Rin asked the PD, “Anything?” She asked.
“As long as it's a couple thing. Rings, handphone accessories, keychains are all acceptable.” PD replied.
“Oppa, why not we walk around to see if there's anything we can get. Aside from rings, I don't want it to be so typical.” Chae Rin said.
Actually the both of them don't want to have couple rings for the show, they are leaving it for their REAL wedding.
The couple made their way out again and they went into a shop whereby teenagers usually would visit after school.
Merchandises of many different groups are there.
“Rin, look, it's MyStiCal's mug.” KiKwang took one with Chae Rin's picture printed on it.
“Oppa, B2ST's T-shirt.” Chae Rin took the one with KiKwang's face on it.
They placed them back and then went on to look for suitable couple accessories.
The staff recommended them to have couple bracelets.
It can be joined together and then detached afterwards.
The staff also offered to engrave their names on the bracelets.
Chae Rin requested for a Cherry to be there beside her name while KiKwang requested for a lollipop.
Chae Rin looked at KiKwang, “Kwang, why a lollipop?” She asked.
“Because it's as sweet as you are, it reminds me of you.” KiKwang said at a close distance before Chae Rin's face.
Chae Rin blushed instantly and she looked away, “Oppa~” She whined.
KiKwang held her hand and help her wear her bracelet, Chae Rin did so for KiKwang and they attached their bracelets together as they walk back to the company holding hands.
G.NA was there at the CUBE cafe, “Unnie!” Chae Rin called for her.
And then they had a chat, “Hey, heard that you two got married, chukhahamnida. I am jealous, how I wish I could have a husband as well.” She said.
“DooJoon Hyung?” KiKwang teased, “Just kidding. You will be able to find a man that you like.” KiKwang said.
“Komawo, I guess I have to go, let you two have some private time. See you two around then.” G.NA said before she left.
“Ne unnie, annyeong!” Chae Rin said and waved her goodbye.
They both had a drink and it started to drizzle out there.
The rain, the ambience..
KiKwang held Chae Rin closer to him and letting her feel his warmth and also, his love for her.
KiKwang prepared dinner for Chae Rin after what I told him about her dislikes and likes.
They had quite a great meal together, KiKwang tried coaxing Chae Rin into eating carrots and tomatoes but he failed.
“Carrot juice is okay for me, just not this.” Chae Rin shook her while looking at KiKwang.
KiKwang nodded, “Ne~ arrasso.” He said.
It's going to be the Hallyu Dream Concert tomorrow, how are they going to accomplish their mission? And of course, there would be more sweet moments! Let's look forward to a SWEET ending as well!

People~ I know this fanfic is REALLY long, well, I am really touched to those who follow up and continues reading whenever I update a new Shutter~~

I love you all~~

I promise, this will end soon, would be fastening up the clock and do give me time, the next update would probably be the LAST shutter! *sobs*
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