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The couple went to their new house, “Wa! There's a rooftop!” Soo Ah got excited when she saw that there's a rooftop.
“Like it?” JunHyung asked, “There's a built-in recording room.” JunHyung held Soo Ah's hand and they walked into the house to venture around.
They really got good houses.
JunHyung and Soo Ah went into the recording room at the basement, “Wa~” JunHyung is pleased with the equipments in there.
“Oppa, shall we compose something and then record it? A fan hope that we come up with something new isn't it?” Soo Ah suggested.
JunHyung smiled, “Ne, I am glad to be able to compose something with you.” He said.
He looked at the clock, “Soo Ah, it's late. Let's turn in early.” JunHyung said and both of them went up.
They went into the master bedroom and Soo Ah went for the showers first.
JunHyung opened his notebook that he used to write his composition and then he remembered..
(JunHyung's POV: That drawing that Soo Ah promised to show me when we go out that day.. She hadn't showed it to me.)
Soo Ah came out, she dried her hair with the hair dryer, JunHyung got ready to go in for his showers.
JunHyung held Soo Ah's hand before she went to bed after standing up, “Soo Ah, you owe me something.” He said and then he went in for shower.
Soo Ah was totally blur, “Oppa?” She thought for awhile, went up to bed, cover herself under the blanket and started thinking.
“Did I really owe him something?” Soo Ah was troubled.
By the time JunHyung came out from the shower room, Soo Ah was tired from thinking and she fell asleep already.
JunHyung helped her cover the blanket, Soo Ah is still murmuring, “Mianhae, I didn't mean to forget anything.” She said softly.
JunHyung felt bad for his words, he left a kiss on her forehead, “Gwaenchanayo, it's nothing. Goodnight.” He said.
The next morning, JunHyung prepared breakfast for Soo Ah.
“Oppa, annyeonghaseyo.” Soo Ah walks to him and greeted.
“Annyeong Jangmi. Have you had a good rest?” JunHyung was pouring a glass of milk.
“Here you go.” He passed a glass of milk to Soo Ah.
Soo Ah received the glass, “Oh, kamsahamnida.” He said.
JunHyung ruffled her hair, “Soo Ah, drop the formalities.” He said.
He held Soo Ah's hand and said, “Come on, try my cooking.”
Soo Ah sat down on the chair opposite of JunHyung, “Wa~ Oppa, it looks good.” She said and took hold of the chopstick.
“It taste good too, try some of this.” JunHyung placed food in Soo Ah's plate and it's good to see and hear that Soo Ah loves the food.
And after breakfast, Soo Ah remembered that Chae Rin told her KiKwang and her went to get decorative for their new house.
“Oppa, shall we get some things to decorate the house? Or maybe our room?” Soo Ah asked.
JunHyung nodded, “Where do you want to go then?” He asked.
“I knew of a good place.” Soo Ah said.
They plan to go to that shop which they went there to get gifts the other time.
And also, both of them had their couple cups in the cupboard already. They plan to show it later.
Both of them got ready and went out to that shop.
This time round, they are shopping for themselves.
Soo Ah got towels, pillow sheets and toothbrushes.
A staff approached Soo Ah, “Miss, would you like to customize your very own couple tees? Do you have a couple photo with your husband?” The staff asked.
Soo Ah went to JunHyung who is looking at the different ornaments, “Oppa, shall we customize our own couple shirts?” She asked
JunHyung looked at Soo Ah, “If you want to. But do we have a picture?” He asked.
“Let's get one then?” Soo Ah took her phone out and took a snapshot.
“Is this okay?” She asked, JunHyung nodded, “Perfect.” He said.
Soo Ah transferred the picture over to the machine via Wi-Fi,
“Miss, the printing would take about half an hour.
Why not you and your husband have a drink at the cafe near here?
There's a park near here as well.” The staff suggested.
“Sure, then we will be back again to settle the payment for all the items that we have chosen just now as well.” Soo Ah said and both of them decided to have a drink in the cafe.
JunHyung looked around the cafe, there are quite a crowd during this timing then he turned to look at Soo Ah, “Remember we came here the other time?” JunHyung asked.
Soo Ah nodded, “Oppa, you said you need the toilets the other time, you bought the cups at that timing isn't it?” She asked.
JunHyung smiled, “My clever wife, Ne, I did.” Junhyung said.
Just then, a mission card arrived.
[To tell 10 person that you are married.]
“Now?” Soo Ah asked.
JunHyung looked at the people in the cafe, “There's more than 10 here.” He said.
“Oppa, we can do this later right?” Soo Ah asked the PD.
JunHyung held Soo Ah's hand and stood up with her, “People in the cafe!” He shouted.
Everyone turned,
“I am very happy to share this good news with everyone!
We got married and this is my beautiful wife!
I am not sure if I make a good husband but I love her a lot!
I wish we could receive everyone's blessing! Thank you!”
JunHyung shouted to everyone in the cafe.
The customers were at first shocked but they applauded loudly for JunHyung and Soo Ah.
“Chukhahamnida!” Some shouted, Soo Ah was shy but still she greeted to thank everyone.
JunHyung looked at Soo Ah, “Chukhahamnida, we got married. And.. Saranghaeyo.” He said.
Soo Ah nodded, “Oppa, you are a good husband, really.” She said and was on the verge of tears.
JunHyung smiled and hugged her, “Komawo. Don't cry, smile for me.”
Soo Ah wiped her tears of joy and then let out a really sweet smile.
And then after that, they went back to the shop to collect their stuffs.
They changed into their new couple tees and walked on the street, holding hands.
“We got married!” JunHyung said randomly to the passersby.
He is now on his tactful side, so child-like and sweet.
“Oppa~” Soo Ah was blushing all along but she's happy about it.
And then, they went back home. Decorated the house with small little ornaments as well.
Soo Ah changed the pillow sheets, replaced the towels in the shower room.
JunHyung placed the toothbrush nicely.
“All done!” Soo Ah said and JunHyung came by her side to give her a high five.
“It looks better, more like home.” JunHyung said.
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