Circus of Words: A Writing Contest — open & accepting entries!

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Welcome to Circus of Words! A writing contest where a writer's imagination comes to life through powerful imagery and compelling words. Are you ready for the show?


Hello and welcome to the first writing contest I am hosting here on AFF. I've been around on this site since, I guess, 2014, and I've always joined writing contests here and there, but I've always wanted to host my own. Here, I am finally able to fulfill that goal. Circus of Words as a writing contest is born out of my love and innate magnetic pull towards the horror and fantasy genre. If you read my own stories, you'd see it pretty much immediately. The purpose of making this contest is to see how other authors interpret the prompts I would give; how they would choose to spin around an idea that will typically come out in a dark or noir theme when I write them.

Challenges will be divided into three categories: Headliner (Hard), Intermission (Medium), and Parade (Easy). Prompts and rules will be provided depending on the difficulty level.

I hope to see many participants, and I hope we all enjoy this writing journey together. And with that, please settle down on your seats. The show is about to start!


  1. Upvote and subscribe.
  2. Failure to conform to any of the rules will result to disqualification, so be sure to follow all of them. 
  3. The first five (5) contest applicants will be rewarded 50KPs. It is a first-come, first-serve basis. It is to ensure that there will be entries for the contest. However, once you decide you want to fill this spot, you cannot retract your contest entry. Meaning you will have to finish your story for this contest. If you're feeling lucky, you can enter a couple of times and still win the 50KPs each time. However, again, you must finish them for this contest. In order to make sure this is upheld, I decided I will be gifting KPs after the contest is done. I'll make sure to mark the first five contestants who have submitted their entries in time.
  4. Read the prompts and challenges carefully. Some of them have their own set of rules, so choose which difficulty level you will enter. To choose your prompts and challenge, see: Show Schedule
  5. Submit your form in the comments below. To enter, fill out the form found here: Casting Call
  6. Tag your entry with #circusofwordscontest, as well as link back to the contest thread on the Foreword of your story. Use the banner provided below.
  7. An additional rule has been added as of March 11th, 2024: Jeongcheol or Seungcheol x Jeonghan stories will no longer be accepted. More explanation on PSA chapter: After much consideration, I've also decided to remove S.coups from the list of possible characters in the Headliner challenge, since he has been chosen to star in entries for three times now.
  8. If you have any more questions, you can send Lakanamihan a PM, or you can leave a comment on this blog post instead:

Contest starts on January 23rd, 2024, and ends on Halloween, October 31st, 2024.


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Winner of Headliner: 1100KPs, a detailed review of your entry by Lakanamihan courtesy of Tagimpan Review Services + another one of your stories you'd like me to review, and 24-hour sitewide promotion feature of your winning entry (note that the day cannot be pre-selected because the chances of getting outbid is always possible, but it should be within the next months after the winners are announced)

Winner of Intermission: 800KPs, a detailed review of your entry by Lakanamihan courtesy of Tagimpan Review Service + another one of your stories you'd like me to review, and 130 wall posts ads of your winning entry courtesy of Cute Bunny Multi-Shop

Winner of Parade: 600KPs, and a detailed review of your entry by Lakanamihan courtesy of Tagimpan Review Services

Prizes are subject to change if volunteer sponsors donate to this contest!


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[CIRCUS OF WORDS WRITING CONTEST] The final slot to 5 early entries that will receive 50kp at the end of the contest has been taken. Thank you to the contestants! Hopefully more will join. Approx. 5 months left until the deadline. Are you guys having fun conjuring up your Acts?


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Chapter 2: Hihi ( ´・w・)ノ
Please let me know if I missed something~

Username: Kiwi-C
Chosen Act: Intermission
Cast: Seventeen - MingMing (maybe ship?)
Theme: College AU + Supernatural
* 1) SVT's song Moonwalker
* 16) Eclipses (? maybe)

Story Link:
Story Title: Moonwalker (working)

Story Description: It turns out that one really should NOT follow their best friend to college after said best friend vehemently insisted on not being followed.
Chapter 1: (I'm sorry I'm coming back so late. I hope I'm not late for Headliner!)

Username: DGNA_Forever
Chosen Act: Headliner
Cast: Seventeen Junhui
Theme: futuristic
• Prompt: 1.) Every night, the world shifts into another thing. What kind of thing is it?

• 2.) Magic is a disease

Genre: (Dark) Sci-fi
Story Link:
Story Title: The Loopholes of Reality

Story Description: Junhui wakes up one morning to the entire world different from what he had known before. Every day, there is something new to discover...but just don't mention it. Not all will remember. 
Chapter 1: I'm still interested in joining headliner, if it's still available! Do I use the same form that you gave me before?
Chapter 1: I entered once...and now want to take on the Headliner challenge, as well. How do I begin with it?
Chapter 2: Username: DGNA_Forever
Chosen Act: Intermission
Cast: Seventeen Seungcheol + Jeonghan
Theme: fluff, angst
Prompt: Soulmate AU
Story Link:
Story Title: It Begins and Ends with You
Story Description: Jeonghan has a secret and has sworn to not tell a soul. The most difficult part of it all is keeping everyone else who could have an interest in his best friend far, far away. The affairs of the heart aren't always fair, but he would pay any price to keep Seungcheol to himself.
Chapter 1: Are you accepting stories or just straight pairings and non-ship?
I'm a er for writing contests, and this one looks AWESOME! I'll definitely be exploring it.
Chapter 2: Username: frustrated
Chosen Act: PARADE
Cast: SEVENTEEN's S.Coups and Jeonghan
Theme: , childhood friends to lovers trope
Story Link:
Story Title: The Art and the Artist
Story Description: Jeonghan and Seungcheol are childhood best friends who practically grew up together. One is into music and one is into art. What's gonna happen when one's interest became steamy.
Chapter 2: Hello!! How to join this contest? Where is the application form, or should I simply post my comment on my application here?