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We're currently guesting on a show with f(x) sunbaes...wait, should i call them sunbaes?Most of them are younger than me. Anyway, what we did in the show are Kai, Sehun, and Lay made a 3 vs. 1 dance battle with Victoria sunbae, she was very good and well i felt proud because she was a Chinese like me too. Next was an aegyo battle between Xiumin hyung and Sulli-ssi, they were both cute, i wanted to pinch the both of them hard on the face, i showed a little of my aegyo too since my groupmates said i had a cute one. Sehun got teased with Krystal-ssi a lot, the emcees and us said they look good together. It made the two maknaes blush, kyeopta. Kris, Tao, and Chanyeol did a freestyle rapping with Amber-ssi, man they were good, and Amber-ssi's pretty too, i wonder why she has to have that boyish image? Suho did most of the talking since he's the leader. The screen showed his photo on EXO's High Cut photoshoot and it was the one where his unexpected abs were shown419760_319038901489622_212761028784077_8

he showed them again live, making the audience go nuts. And to wrap up me, Chen, D. O, and Baekhyun sang a song with Luna-ssi.


"Daebak, you guys are really good! EXO, hwaiting!!!" the emcee ended. The show ended, we thanked the staff and our f(x) sunbaes before leaving.


Our manager said we should have dinner first, we all agreed, on the way there all of us chatted.


"Aigoo~ Sulli-ssi is very cute." Xiumin hyung said, we all laughed at him, he sounded like a pedo oppa.


"Hyung? She's too young." Kai said while giggling.


"Yah, i'm just 22, do you think i'm that old for her?" Xiumin hyung hissed.


"Hyung, we never said you were old, we said she was young." Lay said trying to act like were innocent.


"Omo, are you admitting that you're aging hyung? HAHAHA!!!" Kris said then we all bursted out laughing.


"Jinjja, go tease someone else!" Xiumin hyung puffed his cheeks then looked at the window, our hyung's very childish.


"How about our maknae?" i suggested while tapping Sehun's shoulders.


"Yah! Why me?" Sehun said trying to push me away.


"Because you're our cute little maknae." Baekhyun said to him.


"I'm even taller than you hyung." Sehun said to him making us all laugh even more.


"Anyway, what do you think of Krystal-ssi, Sehun-ah?" Suho asked him, Sehun was really irritated.


"She's pretty. YAH!!! Suho hyung, you should be on my side!!!" he said, Suho hugged him. So this is Seho tandem.


"Sehun, stop that, what happened to HunHan?" i asked while pouting.


"Just stick with Xiumin hyung, mehrong~" he said then hugged Suho back. Oh my bromance.


We arrived the restaurant and ate, A LOT. I was eating when suddenly a girl approached me.


"Oppa!" she said happily, She was wearing something like this, i have to admit it's quiet hot, but she's not really my type.



I raised an eyebrow before asking her. "Who are you?"


"Mwo? OPPA! You're dating me." she crossed her arms. What? Dated who? You? My EXO buddies choked.


"You're his girlfriend?!" they all chorused. I shook my head, i can't remember if she's really my girlfriend.


"Ne, Cho Hee imnida." she bowed, i am sure her cleavage is about to show but luckily her hair covered it.


"Cho Hee? But i thought you're girlfriend's name is Ae Sook?" Sehun said from beside me, Ae Sook? Who the heck is that girl now?!


"Ani, ani, it's Hae Ryung, ne hyung?" Kai said. ASDFGHJKL, who are these girls they are talking about?!


"But, whose the Hyun Su girl in your phone? She texted you saranghae last night, right?" Lay said, that, i remember, but she's not my girlfriend.


"MWO?! YOU'RE CHEATING ON ME OPPA?!" That girl suddenly punched me on my shoulder, i stood up and yelled.


"Look, i don't even know you!" i said to her, she started to have teary eyes.


"You've already forgotten me? You just met me last week!" she yelled back, aigoo, who is this person? I gulped hard, i am in one big trouble.


"Just leave, mianhe, but i can't remember who the heck are you." i said, she sobbed then ran outside. Now my buddies are going to interrogate me.


"Ahem." someone said, i turned around and all of them were looking at me.


"Annyeong~" i said then laughed nervously.


"Do you mind explaining?" Our manager said while crossing his arms. I sighed before answering.


"Mianhe manager, i think that girl is one of the girls i flirted." i honestly said, manager doesn't like it when we lie if we were caught in the act unless we have proof if it's unreal, but at that moment, i am seriously caught.


"Flirted? Hyung, there you go again." Kris hissed.


"I thought you dumped that attitude of yours already?" Baehyun added, man all of them were disappinted.


"Mianhe, i just, ugh... can't help it... it's not a big deal." i said acting cool.


"But hyung, you're hurting girls." D.O said, aigoo, seriously the good boy.


"I don't care, they deserve it." i said then sat on my seat again, i grabbed my fork and started poking my remaining dinner.


"Why are you like this?" Xiumin hyung said, i sighed again. I guess i should tell them about that girl already, since recently i remembered her.


"It's because of Eun Woo." i said. They looked at each other then sticked closer to me.


"Who is she?" Suho asked.


"A witch. A snobbish girl. An intelligent girl. An emotionless girl who doesn't care of others feelings and of what she says, i hate her." i said poking my food harder, poor food, i gave all my anger to it.


"Is she your ex?" Tao asked, i smirked then shook my head.


"Ani, we were kids when i met her so that would be impossible, more importantly i don't like to be with a girl like her." i said, i heard a lot of tsktsk.


"Hyung, by any chance, was she the girl you said you'd get revenge from?" Lay asked, i forgot, he heard me say that.


"Ne." i simply said.


"Why revenge?" Sehun asked.


"She was awful! She humiliated me when we were young, she always rejected my friendly approach to her and she belittled my dream, i hate her, and i'm going to make her take all of her words back." i said, they clapped. Weird.


"Good luck! Just don't be too mean though." Chen said, man these dudes are really something.


"Why are you clapping? You guys are weird." i hissed.


"We love you're fighting spirit, that's all, anyway, finish your dinner now boys!" Manager said then we ate again, i should thank this guys, very supportive.


"There something bothering me, wait, hyung, does that mean that there are still some other girls like that a while ago?" Kris said. I choked.


"Ne, aysh, i seriously forgot!" i ruffled my hair, this is driving me nuts, i can't remember the girls i've flirted, there so many of them.


"Whose your latest?" Xiumin hyung teased me.


"Just eat will you?" i said then fed him a mouth full of rice.


We finished our dinner and then went back to our dorm, i sat on my bed then my mom called.


"Ni hao? Mama?" i asked.


"Luhan, are you free tomorrow?" she asked sweetly.


"Ne, it's our day off, why?" i asked again.


"Meet me at Arirang Sikdang, 6PM, we'll have dinner with some friends." she happily said, my eyes grew.


"You're in Seoul now?! Why didn't you tell me? And who are those friends?" i asked, i was really surprised.


"Just go okay erzi(son)?" she said calmly, i sighed.


"Hao(okay)." i said, i heared a little laugh.


"Xiexie erzi(thank you son), go take a rest now okay? Wo ai ni." she said followed by a smack sound, i chuckled because i knew she tried to make a kiss sound.


"Wo ai ni mama." i said back, i ended the call then went to wash myself before sleeping.



mianhe, i was able to update just now :(

a lot of things came up and i wasn't in the proper condition to write

anyway i'll try to update double tomorrow to make up to you guys

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message back:

jeyeonnn_ unnie: Eun Woo despite being an emotionless girl loves her family so much :) and she wouldn't mind being married to anyone as long as it'll make her family happy, besides she didn't even experience being inlove so she just have to agree with it, her parents trust Luhan. And you're right unnie :"> who wouldn't want Luhan? KYAAA!~ Thanks for reading unnie (bows)

leesooyeon_139: ikr? she's so careless with her words :( that's why she's being dubbed as mean, aigoo~ i'll try to talk to eunwoo to make her change her attitude, okay? :D thanks for reading ^^

hellokimchi: super, it's hard to believe but there are cases like that :)) anyway, thanks for reading ^^

rosebutterfly: i loved that part too :D lay's very cute ne? :) thanks for reading ^^

to my subscribers KAMSAHAMNIDA, again. ^^



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