in the rain


A taeny date



"I think of you when you were beautiful in the rain."



I got reminded of the time taeny ran away for ten days to the US and did a thing


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maemae08 #1
Chapter 1: Wow relaxing to read
Fire_trek 294 streak #2
Chapter 1: This was so chill I wish I was at a coffee shop to read this on a rainy day. You are really good at setting the stage of the world around them.
1077 streak #3
Chapter 1: i love it authy 😊😊😊
Chapter 1: Taeny in their own world <3
This piece is beautiful. Thanks for writing this <3
Chapter 1: Great job on setting the atmosphere!
It seems so serene where they are, like their own little world, just enjoying their time together.
Strength in vulnerability, I like that. 😊
It's nice that Taeyeon is being honest on what she feels and I am glad that Tiffany is there to tell her those things.

Thanks again for this story! 😁