New Student

Hot Love

When Yuri, Hyoyeon, and Sooyoung went in their classroom the teacher wasn't their yet.

"So Yuri how was your weekend" Sooyoung asked

"It was fine" Yuri answered

"How ab-" Sooyoung suddenly got cut off by the teacher

"Settle down class I have something to tell you" Mrs. Park said

The students all went to their seats to listen to what Mrs. Park would say.

"Now class you all might heard about our new student" Mrs. Park said

"Yes Ma'am" the class answered

"So now class meet Han Geng" Mrs. Park said

"Hello, my name is Han Geng but please call me Hankyung" the new student said

"Hello Hankyung" the class greeted

"Hankyung please sit in the empty chair beside Kwon Yuri. Kwon Yuri please raise your hand" Mrs. Park ordered

Hearing what Mrs. Park said Yuri raised her hand to let the new new student see.

When Hankyung saw Yuri's hand he walked to his desk but not without receiving stares from the ladies

"Hi" "Hey" they received greetings

Without them noticing Sooyoung and Hyoyeon were looking at them and thinking the same thing.

But Sooyoung and Hyoyeon weren't the only ones looking at them but also a mean, sassy, brat girl whose name is Jani. Though she more looked like glaring at Yuri.


I'm back with my post. Sorry again for the bad chapter if you have any ideas please tell me.

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cool pairings! c;
Yahh, unnie! You know people like this story, right? You should update ^_^ Hehe, I'm not believing you next time you say your stories are terrible! These are pretty cute! ^_^
BlackPearl_Goddess #3
Hi, author, are you still active on this fanfic? I was browsing through Yuri fanfics when I came across yours.... Although the chapters are short, I find the couple new & refreshing... An extremely rare pair... Would you consider finishing this fanfic...? ^^
hanyul :DD
Khunpeeh #6
Thanks for update ^^
thanks for commenting!!!!
Khunpeeh #8
wow HanYul that sound good *-*
ok i'll try but i need more ideas.
XiaoLongBao #10
Cool!!! Update soon :D