Life is a Lonely Road

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When Yoo Rachel's father, Yoo Chin Hwa, goes bankrupt and is diagnosed with a terminal illness, Rachel finds herself having to care for more than her engagement with Kim Tan without the help of her generational wealth.


Life is a Lonely Road is an Inheritors/ The Heirs x My Liberation Note fanfiction web novel available on Asianfanfics and written solely by the author MAT-thesilentpoet, a fanfiction author who had mainly been active of Wattpad as The Silent Poet in the account MAT_2211.

This fanfiction includes angst, romance, and dark themes such as murder and attempted suicide as it follows the struggles of Yoo Rachel, played by Kim Ji-won, as she struggles to make ends meet without the help of her mother in order to support her dying father and her baby half-brother. In the process, she comes to a painful realization that life is a lonely road without the help of money or family and begins to live life because she has to instead of it being because she wants to.

With romanticized Korean words written primarily in every dialogue, this angsty, dark, and slightly romantic fanfiction allows non-Korean speakers to expand their Korean vocabulary.

With thus said, you as a reader, are highly encouraged to read this fanfiction. It would be extremely appreciated if interactions such as an upvote, follow, or comments were delivered as feedback.

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