Cha Young's 3 Essentials for Her Beauty Sleep
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It's another tiring night in Cha Young's life as a mafia wife.

She is ready for bed, wearing her husband's silk robe. At first, when she saw him wearing it, she laughed out loud. Only to see her husband horrified and telling her that these are some limited edition goods.

And now, she wears them. Because it smells like Vincenzo and she sleeps better in them.

And also, she needs compensation for all those nights he keeps her waiting and doesn't takes her along with her, no matter how many times she tries, and when he comes covered in blood and she frets and plays the role of nurse and tries her very best not to cry.

Also, she likes that the robe floats in air as she walks her way. She feels fancy.

So, item one on her beauty sleep list is crossed off.

However, unlike her other days, her most essential item (not really an item) is, well... locked in his office.

And Cha Young, ace-lawyer, the most ruthless mafia boss's wife can't sleep.

She has been waiting for an hour for him to come out.

But seems like he is as stubborn as she is (or a little more than her)

You see, they had an arguement.

And well, Cha Young knows her husband was right. But still... he should know that she is a lawyer who will do anything to win a case!

He knows her since law school.

So she thinks he should cooperate with her antics, as he always does.

But it seems like this was a serious one.

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Chapter 1: THIS IS SO CUTE 😭