Black Revolver


"Three bullets in the gun, and one of them was for her."


Originally found on SSF and later in my LJ.I've been weary of plagerism as of late so I decided to cross post here as well. The story is done and there is a PDF but for those who don't want to read it all in one go, I'll be posting a chapter a day probably.


Constructive cristism would be greately appreciated.



To anyone and everyone with a passion for dreaming
and a wish to see their imaginations come to life.
And to anyone and everyone who has lost their imagination,
find it again for life without imagination is a life without color

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Hello author shi I just finished reading this story on pdf and just dropped by here to leave a comment ^^This is a story that for EVERY chapter there's a revelation that will blow your mind. This is a very exciting and also very cool story. I want to read more of your stories. Thank you for writing another awesome taeny story fighting!!! ❤
Chapter 9: Cried so hard :"( Nice job
creamcarlton #3
i read this on LJ and reading it here again for the who's know how many times. it wonderful story where you can really feel the characters. :) Thank you author. :)
Chapter 9: wow... I'm blown away by the story line. this is seriously amazing and I just don't want it to end lol (even tho i read this a few years late). but, wow, everything is so well planned and beautifully written. thank you author. I enjoyed reading this so much that i'd really feel bad if i don't leave a comment of appreciation and an upvote :D
drag0nr1der #5
Chapter 9: Wow ... This was such an epic storyline and so well writen ... I really enjoyed reading this :D
Thanks for that

And I did recognize when Taeyeons Pov color went von black to white. Just like her mood and her memory :D
Chapter 9: finally.~~~
i finished read this story! clap
even i didnt really remember how every chapter going (i read so fast coz i really curious what will happen next LOL), but
you make me hard for breathing.
i love how tippachan always being sweet toward taeyeon.
is taeyeon have amnesia? *i think that will be better*
i cant express how i love your story,
sorry for broken english. ^_^
[deactivated] #7
great fanfic like this gets buried : /
Chapter 9: Great fanfic! :)
Chapter 9: Oh my gosh, this This story is amazing; there's no other way to put it.
The way you conveyed their emotions...fantastic.
kpopchicken009 #10
Wow. Just. Wow. I dont know what to say, but I've blamed myself for reading this just now, in the year 2014, when this story; or should I say a Masterpiece was posted years ago. This is just Too-Good.