Don't Come Closer

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Pinelark is more than a small resident that offers its beauty and went viral on the internet. Pinelark is a place where folklore comes true, but she wasn't aware until a magical creature caught her presence and she let them in.


I'm back for another story. I really hope I can finish this one since I finally make it to graduate from college :")


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Chapter 3: Legit id pass out too if I saw his “member” or would I? Id like to say I wouldn’t but I wouldn’t put it past me to hyperventilate a bit
I love supernatural fics
Chapter 3: She is his mate I think?? 😢❀
I'm so excited for the story!
Chapter 2: Why did my little princess scream? What did the big wolf do? He was laying on her wasn’t he? I can’t believe she’s just trusting this animal like this. Truly a freaking Disney princess
Chapter 1: Ugh…. I’m with Johnny here!😳 just what in the Disney Princess is she thinking!?!?