Zombi attacks

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During zombie attacks and the weird virus spreading in the country, the safest place was in the forest and military bases where many young soldiers and civilians escaped there but there were still some trying to reach the safest place and among those people, there was the main character of our story ❤️‍🔥


Seungcheol: twenty-seven years old.

Jeonghan: twenty-five years old.

Joshua: twenty-five years old.

Mingyu: twenty-four years old.

Wonwoo: twenty-four years old.



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jackiethefishy #1
Chapter 13: 😰😥
Chapter 12: I ship jeongcheol alright. hope mingyu see that wonwoo likes him
jackiethefishy #3
Chapter 9: I ship Jeonghan with Mingyu, after all Mingyu does do a lot for Jeonghan. But its so hard to choose 😿😿😿😭 I ship him with both! 😣
jackiethefishy #4
Chapter 5: Seungcheol has to stop being mean to Jeonghan 😤😤😤
jackiethefishy #5
Confess Mingyu!!!!!
jackiethefishy #6
Chapter 3: I eagerly await the next update! \>o</